How Selfies are Driving Demand for Plastic Surgery and Breast Augmentation

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How Selfies are Driving Demand for Plastic Surgery and Breast Augmentation

With the heightened number of people who use smartphones, taking selfies has become an activity that is seen and done almost everywhere. This has led many people to become more concerned about their physical appearance. This selfie craze, coupled with the impact brought about by social media, has resulted in an increase in breast augmentation and other forms of plastic surgery.

The Study of Selfies

According to a study conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), the selfie obsession has led more people to seek plastic surgery and request procedures that they believe could “enhance” some of their facial and body features. One such surgery is breast augmentation. This surge in requests for procedures – in particular for people under the age of 30 – shows no sign of declining, according to the 2014 study.

Ages for Plastic Surgery

In general, it is recommended that people wait until they are at least 18 years old before considering plastic surgery as they undergo physical changes during the adolescent period. But now, patients as young as 13–16 years old are requesting plastic surgery as this is the group of individuals who are more exposed to this social platform.

Social Media and Self-Consciousness

The same survey conducted by AAFPRS also demonstrated that social media makes more people conscious about how they appear. As more people come to social media, they tend to feel the need to project an image of perfection.

People want to look beautiful in general, but it is important that the reasons for wanting any cosmetic procedure are sound and realistic.

That desire to take a perfect selfie can create a ripple of thoughts that could push someone to undergo surgery unnecessarily. Some studies have shown that people who are overly obsessed with selfies are more often seen as those who are insecure and lack confidence. This is a greater issue that should be addressed before anyone makes the decision to have surgery.

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