Shopping: Do You Need A New Wardrobe After Getting Breast Implants?

john park plastic surgery Shopping Do You Need A New Wardrobe After Getting Breast Implants

Shopping: Do You Need A New Wardrobe After Getting Breast Implants?

Is A Shopping Spree Necessary After Augmentation?

After breast implants and the recovery process comes the exciting part. Most patients look forward to getting new clothes to make a wardrobe that reflects the new cleavage. A flattering wardrobe ensures patients get the best out of surgery. Getting a new wardrobe is not as easy as hitting a favorite boutique. Some changes determine both what and when patients should shop for clothing.

When should you go shopping?

While filling an online shopping cart immediately after surgery is tempting, waiting is the better choice. Recognize there’s often considerable post-operative swelling after surgery. This swelling can give an inaccurate measurement of the bust size. Wait at least 6-8 weeks before making significant changes to the wardrobe.

Take it slow with some essentials

Well past the initial recovery period, there will be some swelling. The implant will also need to settle in a final spot, which can take several more months. Some patients discover that another wardrobe upgrade is necessary at this point. Start shopping for a few essentials like bras, swimsuits, and shirts. Try these essentials for several weeks and slowly add as the shape of breasts changes.

Get measured for your bras

Even without breast implants, finding the right bra size is a task. There are different brands, styles, and units of measurement. Women with fully healed breast implants would find getting a properly sized bra even more difficult. Shopping for the right bra is necessary for the months after surgery. The best way is to visit a department store specialist or bra specialist for custom measurements. That simple step makes shopping for bras, sports bras, and swimsuits more enjoyable.

Get tops that compliment your form

Implants not only change the size and profile of the chest but the entire form of the body. Don’t be afraid to show that by shopping for more form-fitting t-shirts, shirts, and dresses. Find the occasional top or dress with a plunging neckline and a square neckline for subdued settings. The goal is not to go overboard as style and shape can change over time.

Support matters

One common misconception is that women with implants no longer need bras. Breast augmentation and even a breast lift can still cause sagging due to gravity. Some women may even experience more sagging due to the size of the upgrade. Make sure to purchase bras and other clothing that adequately support the bust. With that said, the occasional braless top or dress for a special occasion is fine.

A new you need a new wardrobe

Why do women need to shop after breast augmentation surgery? Successful surgery requires new clothes both for support and to complement the new woman. Add clothing that is the right size while form-fitting to instill confidence and secure the breasts. Start slow with a few key pieces and work on adding more over the months. Now is the time to take a few risks. If there have been outfits on a wish list, why not shake things up and try something new?

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