Should I Get A Breast Lift At The Same Time As Implants?

john park plastic surgery Should I Get A Breast Lift At The Same Time As Implants

Should I Get A Breast Lift At The Same Time As Implants?

The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery

Each year, many women in the United States choose to have breast surgery. In fact, breast augmentation is the most popular type of cosmetic surgery in the US. Sometimes, women want breast augmentation to restore the appearance of perkier, more youthful breasts. This is especially common for women who have had children or have lost significant amounts of weight. In this case, women may want to get breast implants and a breast lift at the same time.

A two for one approach

Combining a breast lift with implant surgery appeals to many women who’d rather not go under the knife twice. Performing both procedures at the same time saves time both in terms of scheduling and in terms of recovery time. Doing both at once also offers great results. Often, surgeons can use smaller implants when combining implants and a breast lift, while still achieving the desired shape and appearance. Sometimes, combining both surgeries can even save money. However, the total cost of any surgery depends on multiple factors, including the location and insurance options.

What does breast lift entail?

Breast lift, or mastopexy, is a procedure to make breasts look perkier. During the surgery, the plastic surgeon removes excess skin, lifts the breast and repositions nipples and areola. The result is a tighter, higher breast appearance. Many women who have sagging breasts opt for breast lifts, as well as those who have uneven breasts.

Should I opt for both?

A breast lift may be a good option for women who have lost elasticity in the breast. Loss of elasticity is common after breastfeeding, pregnancy, or extreme weight fluctuations. Anyone can have a breast lift, although women who want to breastfeed in the future may want to wait until after breastfeeding.

Benefits of breast lifts

Breast lifts help many women increase confidence. Having perkier, higher breasts can make clothes shopping easier. Women with asymmetrical breasts in particular often find that combining implants with a breast lift gives a huge boost in confidence.

How do I choose a plastic surgeon?

Finding the right plastic surgeon is the first step to a successful breast augmentation surgery. Before scheduling surgery, ask the plastic surgeon about techniques, patient outcomes, and what to expect during recovery. At the end of the day, women should feel comfortable with and confident in the surgeon. To learn more about breast augmentation, speak with a plastic surgeon.

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