Should You Transfer Fat To Your Breasts? Why Implants Provide Better Results

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Should You Transfer Fat To Your Breasts? Why Implants Provide Better Results

Implants Are Better Than Fat

People considering breast augmentation may wonder if transferring fat from other body parts to the breasts is a viable option. While fat transfer to the breasts, also known as fat grafting, can provide a natural-looking enhancement, the procedure generally does not produce the same long-lasting results as breast implants.

Implant size

A significant advantage of breast implants is that implants come in a range of sizes, allowing a person to choose the desired breast size. With fat transfer, the size of the breasts will depend on how much fat can be harvested and how much fat survives the grafting process. People may not be able to achieve the same level of augmentation with fat transfer compared to implants.


Breast implants are made to last, with some types lasting up to 20 years or more. Fat transfer, on the other hand, is not as long-lasting. The body can absorb grafted fat cells over time, leading to a noticeable decrease in breast size.

Consider the cost

Breast augmentation with implants can be a less expensive procedure compared to fat grafting because grafting requires multiple procedures to harvest the donor cells and inject the fat back into the patient.


Compared to implants, fat transfer is not as heavily researched in terms of safety concerns. Although the procedure is generally safe, more studies are needed. Breast augmentation surgery also carries risks due to the patient being under general anesthesia and the risk of ruptured implants, but complications are rare.

Drawbacks of implants

Although breast implants can deliver better-looking results than fat transfer, patients should consider the possible drawbacks. For example, implant recovery time is a few weeks longer than fat transfer. In addition, some people prefer the more natural-looking results of fat transfer to implants. The risk of breast implants deflating or rupturing also increases over time.

Fat transfer candidates

In some cases, fat transfers may be recommended if a person only requires a moderate increase in breast size and does not want implants. A good candidate for fat transfer augmentation is a person who has enough body fat to transfer to the breasts and is in good physical and mental health.

When to go with implants

Patients should consider breast implants over fat transfers if the desired breast augmentation is more than half to 1 cup size bigger. Fat transfer alone is not able to provide significant shape and fullness enhancement. Breast implants are the best option for patients seeking long-term fuller results.

Better results with implants

While fat transfer to the breasts can provide a modest, natural-looking enhancement, the procedure generally does not produce the same results as breast implants. For people considering breast augmentation, implants may be the better choice for achieving the desired size, shape, and symmetry.

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