Silicone Or Saline? Smooth Or Textured? 3 Breast Implant Questions To Ask

john park plastic surgery Silicone Or Saline Smooth Or Textured 3 Breast Implant Questions To Ask

Silicone Or Saline? Smooth Or Textured? 3 Breast Implant Questions To Ask

Anxious About Breast Augmentation?

With over 300,000 procedures yearly, breast augmentation is an exciting, sometimes life-changing, surgery. This procedure is very personalized and goes beyond simply selecting a cup size. The plastic surgeon will present the many factors that go into each breast implant to the patient. Naturally, there will then be several questions about the fit, shape, type, and texture. Here are the 3 most important questions to ask the surgeon about breast augmentation to better understand the process.

1. Should I choose silicone or saline?

The implant is made of 2 parts, namely the outer shell and inner filler material. All implants have a silicone outer shell. Silicone is a durable artificial material that’s safe and long-lasting. The inner material is filled with either a silicone or saline solution. Silicone implants can be liquid or take on a dense, gel-like consistency, called gummy bear implants. Saline implants, on the other hand, are filled with a saltwater solution. This filler allows the breast implant to be installed empty and filled to size. Each implant has specific pros and cons.

Which is the best material for me?

Silicone implants work well for patients with minimal breast tissue. The shape and solid form can give a more natural look and feel. A saline implant is much more customizable as the surgeon can control both size and symmetry. However, patients need much more breast tissue to prevent the appearance of rippling. Saline implants also tend to be cheaper and require smaller incisions. If cost is not an issue, silicone implants provide a more natural look long-term. However, unlike saline, these require much larger incisions that can cause scarring. Based on the desired look and feel the patient desires, the surgeon will assist in making the best choice.

2. Smooth or textured?

The outer shell of a breast implant can have either a soft or textured feel. Saline and silicone implants have a smooth outer shell. Yet, textured silicone implants, such as gummy bear implants, can have a rougher, more opaque surface. Smooth implants give a more natural feel when standing and moving. Textured silicone also feels heavier and is used for individuals with less breast tissue. Because of the dense interior, there should not be any leakage to the surrounding tissue if the implant ruptures.

Why you may choose textured implants

Textured implants are recommended for individuals with lower body weight and minimal breast tissue. These implants are usually installed under the chest muscle and stay in place during movement. Textured implants provide a firmer appearance that may not move in certain positions, such as lying flat. For women with an abnormally shaped breastbone, textured implants are very effective. Yet, if the implant shifts out of place, smooth implants can be much more customizable and symmetrical.

3. What about the shape?

The implant shape helps to determine the overall contour of the breast. Silicone and saline implants have a round shape. This round shape gives the breast a lifted, fuller appearance, which some women prefer. With round implants, the breast keeps the form even if the implant shifts. Round saline implants also allow women to increase bust size in the future if needed. Gummy bear implants usually take a teardrop shape. These tend to have a more natural slope. Teardrop implants do not give the perception of having implants, which is essential to some women. Selecting the correct shape comes down to personal preference. However, the surgeon’s expertise will be what matters, as the surgeon’s skill can make the breast look more natural.

Get informed before making a decision

A lot of thought and decision-making goes into choosing the right breast implant. Factors like the look, feel body type, breast size, and texture directly affect the outcome. There are critical advantages to silicone and saline, as choosing a particular texture and shape will determine the final look. In the end, women want to look and feel as best as possible. The advice of a board-certified plastic surgeon is invaluable. Discuss the options and make the most comfortable choice today.

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