Size, Shape & Profile Decisions: Types Of Breast Surgery To Consider Before Augmentation

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Size, Shape & Profile Decisions: Types Of Breast Surgery To Consider Before Augmentation

Are Breast Implants The Only Solution?

Breast augmentation is becoming an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure. Most patients believe breast augmentation is solely based on the size of the implant. Yet, other factors determine the best possible outcome. The surgeon will also discuss the shape and profile of the breasts concerning the body. When these factors come into play, some patients realize that other procedures can improve the breasts’ appearance.

Size does matter

When patients think about implants, the goal is usually increased cup size. Breast implant sizes are measured in cubic centimeters (cc), also known as volume. Patients need to decide on the right volume, considering height, weight, and lifestyle. The width and height of the patient’s breast also impact the final look of the procedure.

Don’t forget about the shape

Some women want implants but still want a natural look. The shape of the breast augmentation plays a role in the final results. Breast implants take on a round or teardrop shape. Round implants provide a fuller appearance at the top of the breast, increasing the volume. Teardrop-shaped implants are fuller near the bottom of the implant. This shape gives a subtle yet natural look. The location of the implants and the type of implants also impact the shape.

The right profile

The breast implant profile is often an overlooked factor in the process. Profile refers to how far away from the chest wall the implant projects when standing. The profiles are independent of the implant size. In other words, a patient can choose a high volume implant with a low profile. The results may not be as dramatic as the patient envisioned. The right decision between low, moderate, and high profiles will give the patient the best outcome.

Is augmentation the answer?

Breast implants are not always the answer based on the patient’s needs and current measurements. Some women have large breasts that droop due to age and pregnancy. These women will benefit from a breast lift. Breast lifts remove excess skin and reshape the tissue, giving a full, natural look. Some women undergoing a mastectomy may need breast reconstruction. The surgeon combines 2 procedures for a fantastic, final look in many cases.

Trust your surgeon

The decision to have breast implants should not be taken lightly. There are several decisions to make regarding size, shape, and profile. The surgeon will use several tools and visual aids to help with the final choice. At the same time, the surgeon may observe that implants alone may not be the answer. The surgeon can recommend the right cosmetic program that will greatly benefit the patient.

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