Size, Shape & Texture: 3 Tips To Choose The Perfect Breast Implant


Size, Shape & Texture: 3 Tips To Choose The Perfect Breast Implant

The Quest For The Perfect Implant

Breast augmentation is a fantastic option for women looking to increase breast size and shape. Most women decide on breast implants for medical reasons, personal reasons, or for a new stage in life. The procedure is gaining popularity, with surgeons performing over 300,000 procedures yearly. With demand comes high standards for the perfect implant. The goal for the patient is to increase the bust size while looking and feeling as natural as possible. The following 3 tips, focusing on size, shape, and texture, can help women achieve a desired but realistic look.

1. Choose the right size

Most women go to a surgeon for breast augmentation with a particular size in mind. The goal is often to increase the breasts by 1-2 bra sizes. However, implants do not follow the standard sizing of bras. Instead, each 150-200cc will increase the breasts by 1 cup size. The patient must also consider the implant’s profile, which is how far out from the chest wall the implant will project. The perfect implant is a healthy medium of the right size and profile for a more natural look. However, the surgeon and patient must consider the patient’s overall body type, lifestyle, size preferences, and type of implant desired.

2. Round or teardrop?

The implant size and profile can also be affected by the implant’s shape. Implants come in a round or contorted shape, like a teardrop, based on the material used. Saline implants are round and have a firm, balloon-like texture. These implants are filled with a saline solution but have a silicone capsule. The round capsule provides a fuller implant with more lift and cleavage at the upper pole of the breast. Silicone implants often adopt a teardrop shape, with a smaller upper pole and a larger lower pole, mimicking the natural shape of a woman’s breast. Silicone implants also have a similar feel to natural breasts and are a common option for women who want fullness below the nipple. Both shapes have tremendous benefits, so the final decision lies with the woman based on individual implant goals.

3. Texture matters too

The feel or texture of the implant also determines how well the patient will achieve excellent results. Saline implants are versatile and cost-effective, but this type of implant is also prone to rippling, resulting in an unnatural appearance in some patients with thin skin. Silicone implants are more effective with submuscular placement. However, there is an increased risk of silent ruptures and capsular contracture. Choosing the right option based on the type of surgery and the patient’s body type can help achieve the best outcome.

Plan your way to success

Is the perfect implant possible? This question comes down to the patient’s goals and realistic expectations. The surgeon will provide a wealth of information during the initial appointment. The patient will get to view and touch different implant styles and materials. The surgeon will also strive to help the patient select the right size, type, and location. With enough attention to detail, the perfect implant selection is possible, resulting in years of cosmetic improvement.

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