Why Smaller Breast Implants are Trending

Why Smaller Breast Implants are Trending | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

Why Smaller Breast Implants are Trending

Enhancing the breasts with breast implants really became popular in the 1990s, an era when “bigger was better.” At John Park MD Plastic Surgery and around the country, breast augmentation has been the most popular cosmetic surgery for years. While this popularity isn’t changing, requests related to breast implants are. Today, smaller breast implants are more often requested as women have embraced a look that is still wholly feminine but also very natural. There are a few reasons why this shift has occurred, and the natural change in trends is just one of them.

Although breast implants weren’t first invented in the 1980s and 90s, that’s when they really began to become more popular. In actuality, the first breast implant surgery was performed in 1962. However, just like with any trend or aesthetic, there’s a tendency to really “go all out” and that’s what happened in the 80s and 90s. Stars like Pamela Anderson helped to drive the look of breast implants that were round, large, and with a very pronounced upper projection.

Smaller and Natural Looking Breast Implants

In the 1990s, both saline and silicone breast implants were available (just like today), but there were a few years when only saline implants were available. This dramatically reduced options for a surgery that already had much fewer options in terms of customization compared to today. Women who want natural-looking breasts today often opt for silicone breast implants because they are fantastic at achieving that organic teardrop shape where the breasts are fuller at the bottom than at the top. Gummy bear breast implants, a type of silicone with a firmer gel, are an especially great pick for this look.

That simply wasn’t available in the late 1990s and early aughts. Saline breast implants are placed as an empty shell (the shell is made of silicone) and then filled with saline solution. This can allow for a smaller incision, but it also often lends a fuller look. Many clients still do want that ultra-feminine and sensual look, and in these cases saline can be a great choice. However, for those who want a natural yet still gorgeous outcome, silicone is often the best choice.

Fortunately, silicone breast implants once again became available, and patients today have many choices when it comes to individualizing their breast augmentation surgery.

Benefits of Smaller Breast Implants

A lot of patients simply like the look of smaller but fuller breasts. Smaller breasts can make it easier and more comfortable to wear a wider variety of clothing and styles. However, another reason more and more women are opting for smaller implants is because of their lifestyle. If you’re very active, go on runs regularly, or you take boxing lessons as your preferred way to get moving, smaller breast implants simply complement your lifestyle.

Keep in mind that no matter the size or shape of your breast implants, you will certainly be able to stay active. Considering your lifestyle and personal tastes are just part of the equation when you’re thinking about getting breast implants. It’s also possible to change the size, shape, placement, or materials of your breast implants in the future. Breast implants are designed to last for a lifetime, but many women change their preference 10 – 15 years after their breast augmentation. In most cases, a change to your breast implants allows your surgeon to use the incision lines from your previous breast augmentation.

Which Breast Implant is for You?

One of the most exciting parts of the breast augmentation process is your consultation because this provides you the opportunity to discuss what you like and what you want to achieve with breast augmentation. Today’s breast implants are wholly customizable and allow you to choose the material (saline or silicone), size, shape, placement above or below the breast muscles, and you can talk with your surgeon about options for incision placements. Two horizontal incisions hidden in the crease of the breast is common, but incisions in the armpit (axillary) or even through the belly button might be possible.

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