Subglandular Placement: The Advantage Of Over-The-Muscle Breast Augmentation

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Subglandular Placement: The Advantage Of Over-The-Muscle Breast Augmentation

Factors To Consider With Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is increasing in popularity and acceptance. Women see the procedure to boost confidence, achieve breast symmetry, or improve body shape. When most patients think about breast augmentation, breast size comes to mind. Other factors include the type of implant and type of profile. More importantly, the doctor will raise subglandular placement, which has a range of long-term benefits.

Above Or Below The Muscle?

Where will the surgeon place the implant? There are 2 techniques surgeons can use when performing breast augmentation. The breast lies on top of the pectoralis major muscle with pectoralis fascia in between. With subglandular placement, the surgeon places the implant on top of the muscle. Submuscular implants are placed between the muscle and the chest wall. The location of the implant is a vital factor in the overall result. Some surgeons will recommend subglandular placement as this method has several key advantages.

A simpler procedure

With subglandular placement, a patient can achieve fantastic results with minimal incisions. There are a few incision options when performing breast augmentations. The surgeon can access the breast around the areola or in the crease under the breast. With a subglandular procedure, the surgeon would not cut or adjust the pectoral muscles. The implant could be easily installed using one of these incision locations.

A natural look and feel

Subglandular placements do not disrupt the natural anatomy of the chest muscle. The implant sits on top of the muscle, and the breast tissue forms and settles seamlessly. This gives the implant a more natural look and feel. Going under the muscle will have a smooth, perky look. However, there is a chance of breast animation deformity. With animation deformity, the shape of the breasts changes when the pectoral muscles contract. This distortion is common with athletic women and can look and feel unsightly.

Fewer complications

With any procedure, subglandular or otherwise, there is the risk of complications. However, subglandular placement avoids complications that are specific to submuscular surgeries. For instance, the implant can shift lower than the original inframammary crease, giving a ‘double bubble’ appearance. With fewer complications, recovery becomes easier for the patient. In addition, as there is no incision or stretching of the muscle, there should be less pain and swelling.

Make the right choice

Cosmetic surgeons walk through all the steps to a successful augmentation with the patient. Besides factors like the type of implant, the location is just as essential. At this stage in the consultation, the surgeon will recommend the best surgery based on the patient’s needs. Some patients may benefit from submuscular placements. There are several advantages to subglandular placements that cannot be ignored.

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