Sublingual & Topical Arnica Montana: Does This Supplement Improve Recovery Time After Surgery?

john park plastic surgery Sublingual _ Topical Arnica Montana Does This Supplement Improve Recovery Time After Surgery

Sublingual & Topical Arnica Montana: Does This Supplement Improve Recovery Time After Surgery?

Can This Herbal Supplement Speed Up Healing?

Cosmetic surgery is a great way to enhance parts of the body for medical or cosmetic reasons. Most surgeries are invasive procedures needing prolonged recovery time. This recovery time is a concern for patients who often look for ways to accelerate healing. A unique herbal supplement called arnica montana used for wound healing may be a viable option. Can this herbal supplement do the job?

The History Of Arnica Montana

Arnica montana is often referred to as wolf’s bane or leopard’s bane and has been used for healing purposes for over 500 years. The flower has distinctly bright yellow petals with a vibrant orange or yellow center. The raw form of the flower is toxic, but a diluted form is useful as a supplement. Some common uses for this herb include:

  • Soothing sore muscles after exercise or sports
  • Anti-inflammatory treatment for osteoarthritis
  • Healing bruises, bleeding and swelling after injury or surgery
  • Reducing stiffness

Arnica montana is FDA-approved for arthritis treatment but has shown promise for other uses. Ask about a topical or pill form as part of recovery.

How to use arnica montana

The formulated supplement can be taken in pill form sublingually, meaning under the tongue. One tablet can be used before or after exercise or after surgery. Topical arnica montana works on bruises or tender parts of the skin. Since this herb has toxic qualities, doctors advise avoiding open wounds. The oral version should be taken over a long period to avoid toxicity. Make sure to discuss current prescriptions with a pharmacist to avoid any unwanted drug interactions or allergies.

Arnica montana may help with pain management

Post-operative pain and tenderness are common after cosmetic surgery. To help with the initial pain, the surgeon will prescribe pain medication. Arnica montana may be a viable substitute or complement to pain medication. Studies show that when applied topically every 4 hours, the supplement reduced pain and soreness.

It may help with wound healing

The goal after surgery is to reduce bruising and inflammation. When used consistently, studies show that arnica montana reduces oxidative stress. The supplement may also reduce the chances of bleeding, blood clots and speed up healing.

Can it help with recovery after surgery?

Initial studies show that arnica montana in both forms can be effective. The benefits include reducing pain, inflammation, and increased wound healing. However, patients must use the supplement with care. Excess use can increase toxicity and is dangerous on open wounds and should only be used after consulting with a healthcare professional.

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