Submuscular vs Subglandular Breast Augmentation: Why Implant Location Matters

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Submuscular vs Subglandular Breast Augmentation: Why Implant Location Matters

With Implants, Location Matters

The demand for breast augmentation shows no signs of slowing down. Women of all age groups are interested in increasing breast size, with well over 300,000 procedures done yearly. There’s a common misconception that breast augmentation is all about choosing the right implant size. However, where the surgeon places the implant plays a significant role in the outcome. Submuscular vs subglandular placement will impact the look and feel of the breast.

Under the muscle

With breast augmentation, the doctor and patient must decide where the implant will stay. A possible option is a submuscular placement. With this option, the breast implant sits between the pectoralis major and minor muscles. The surgeon makes a pocket at the pectoral muscle to house the implant. This procedure is a bit more invasive as incisions are made in the muscle. Additionally, the implants can have unnatural movement when lifting the arms overhead. However, submuscular placement has the advantage of a more natural appearance. Women will also experience less rippling or reduced chances of capsular contracture.

Above the muscle

Subglandular implants go behind the skin and tissue but sit on the muscle wall. This procedure can be faster and results in a shorter recovery time. The surgeon can also enter the breast from different locations, making the process smoother. Future breast implant revisions are also much more manageable. Subglandular implants work well for larger implants or women with thinner breast tissue. Since the implant is close to breast tissue, there is an increased chance of capsular contracture. Some patients also report that subglandular implants can look and feel more unnatural.

Which one is right for you?

The location of the breast implant will depend on several factors. The patient’s body frame, weight, and pectoral muscle size can guide surgeons to the best site. Women with larger breasts or more breast tissue may benefit from subglandular implants. This type of implant insertion may appear more rounded and unnatural but will result in fantastic cleavage. A subglandular location will be ideal for athletic builds or women looking for larger implants. Submuscular implants are ideal for women with thinner breast tissue or smaller, drooping breasts. This technique provides a more natural appearance. However, lifting the arm or flexing the chest muscle can shift the implant.

An implant you’ll love

Choosing the best procedure can be a challenge. In addition to the desired location, other factors like implant size, material, and incision location must be considered. The surgeon will provide support and guidance to make the best decision for each patient. Submuscular and subglandular techniques have pros and cons, but both provide fantastic results when performed by the right surgeon. Once the patient understands the immediate and long-term goals of breast augmentation, the decision becomes easier.

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