The 3 Best Ways To Know If You’re Ready For Breast Augmentation

john park plastic surgery The 3 Best Ways To Know If You're Ready For Breast Augmentation

The 3 Best Ways To Know If You’re Ready For Breast Augmentation

Taking The Breast Augmentation Leap

Although thousands of women have breast augmentation every year, surgery is no easy decision. Some patients have been thinking about the procedure for years and don’t know what step to take next. Others jump at the chance immediately without a second thought. In both cases, the patient must be confident that surgery is the next best step.

Why choose breast augmentation?

With breast augmentation, surgeons insert silicone, saline, or fat to increase the size and volume of the breasts. Women choose the procedure to enhance naturally smaller breasts or those changed by surgery or pregnancy. Augmentation is a long-term way to transform the body shape while improving confidence. Plastic surgeons recommend a consultation first to determine if surgery is the right choice. After consultation, there are 3 signs that a patient is ready for the procedure.

1. You understand the pros and cons of breast augmentation

With any elective surgery, there are pros and cons. Without a doubt, breast augmentation improves self-esteem by enhancing a woman’s shape. The surgeon can also customize the procedure to give the patient the desired look and feel. However, there are some possible complications. These include infections after surgery, capsular contracture, and possible breast asymmetry. There may also be complications with future mammograms. The patients who take the time to understand all risks and ways to reduce these risks are the best prepared.

2. Making plans before your surgery

The breast augmentation procedure is just part of the entire process. There are different moving parts that help with a successful surgery. Prepared patients understand the full costs and make time to schedule consultations and surgery. More importantly, the patient is ready for downtime. Full recovery can take 4-6 weeks requiring proper rest and pain management. This time is carved out in advance and the necessary arrangements are in place to minimize movement.

3. It’s no longer driven by emotion

Most decisions to have augmentation are emotionally and mentally driven. The patient may have had self-esteem concerns for years. Others see implants as a way to appear more attractive. Someone who is truly ready would process these emotions to get to the real reason why augmentation is the best choice. Once addressed, the surgery is no longer driven by external factors like social media, friends, or family members. Women should feel as comfortable as possible with the decision.

The choice is yours

Doctors understand that the decision is a difficult one. Some patients who were confident at first can suddenly decide to change course. Others on the fence for years can get things moving at the drop of a hat. A helpful, understanding surgeon will be aware of these changes and accommodate the patient as best as possible. Being fully informed and prepared are the best ways to have surgery with confidence.

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