The Art Of Breast Augmentation: 3 Questions To Ask To Achieve Natural-Looking Results


The Art Of Breast Augmentation: 3 Questions To Ask To Achieve Natural-Looking Results

Natural Breasts With Augmentation

Cosmetic procedures like breast augmentation are growing in popularity. Statistics show that plastic surgeons perform over 300,000 breast augmentations yearly. The surgeon makes incisions in strategic parts of the breast to perform breast augmentation. From there, a silicone or saline implant is installed inside the breast. Fat transfer is another possible option. While the procedure has a high success rate, most women are concerned that the implants will look unnatural. During the initial consultation, women can ask these 3 questions to increase the chances of achieving natural-looking results.

1. What size should I choose?

The right size is the biggest factor and concern when deciding on breast implants. Choosing the right implant size can determine how natural the final results appear. Most women believe choosing the breast implant size is as simple as increasing 1-2 cup sizes. However, implants have different sizing than the standard bra, so the exact size can be further customized. Sizing also depends on the patient’s body frame and desired look. The patient and surgeon must also decide on the best profile, namely how far the implant will protrude from the chest. The surgeon will help the patient choose the right measurements for the correct size and profile.

2. Silicone or saline?

Breast implants are made of either silicone or saline. Both materials have significant advantages for the patient. Saline implants consist of a soft silicone shell filled with a saltwater solution. Round saline implants may feel like a hard balloon. Saline implants are great for women wanting larger-sized breasts, are cost-effective, and can reabsorb into the body in case of a rupture. Silicone implants adopt a more teardrop shape and are filled with a denser silicone gel. These implants look and feel more like natural breast tissue. Silicone implants also sit and move similarly to natural breasts and may not produce rippling like saline implants. However, there may be a higher risk of a silent rupture or capsular contracture. There is also a third option called a gummy bear implant. The gummy bear implant is also made of silicone but has a thicker consistency. While more women choose silicone implants for natural results, the decision is always up to the individual patient.

3. Best implant location?

The surgical incision and location of the implant can also help with a more natural look. The surgeon will place the implant over or under the muscle in the chest wall. Breast implant location will be determined based on the patient’s body type, health, and type of implant. A submuscular placement, or under the muscle, tends to have a more natural appearance. A subglandular placement, on the other hand, tends to have a faster recovery and less movement during physical activity but can appear more artificial. Additionally, the surgeon can choose to make an incision at the armpit, areola, or under the breast’s natural folds. The location may also play a role in the final look of the breasts.

Enjoy a better, natural look

Breast augmentation can improve a woman’s confidence and quality of life. However, most women want the implants to look as natural as possible. The goal is to choose the right size, material, and surgical process. During an initial consultation, the surgeon will provide all the options, show examples, and offer testimonials. Women can then choose the best approach for a more natural look.

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