The Most Comfortable Position To Sleep In After Breast Implant Surgery

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The Most Comfortable Position To Sleep In After Breast Implant Surgery

Recovering After Breast Augmentation Surgery

When focusing on plastic surgery, breast augmentation is the second most common procedure in the United States for women. According to the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine, as of the time of publication in 2019, roughly 300,000 breast implant procedures are performed annually. While breast implants may be a relatively common elective surgery, many women aren’t aware of the best practices a surgeon will recommend to recover. In the initial days and weeks after the procedure, women must not place too much pressure on incisions, including sleeping positions.

The recovery period

In most cases, plastic surgeons will note that the entire recovery period after breast augmentation can last around six weeks, even if a woman feels fine shortly afterward. Especially in the first week, swelling, soreness, limited range of motion, and general discomfort are expected. Surgeons generally prescribe medication to reduce pain, and women are encouraged to rest, wear loose-fitting clothing, and a comfortable recovery bra.

The best recovery sleeping position

The thought of trying to snuggle into the perfect sleeping position after undergoing breast augmentation can seem like an impossible task. But while discomfort is inevitable in the beginning, doctors recommend that recovering patients sleep on the back with the body slightly elevated. In most cases, women will need to sleep either in a recliner or rely on several stacked pillows to achieve that position. Along with reducing the risk of adding pressure to the incision site, a slightly elevated position can also reduce swelling and soreness. Plus, sleeping with slight elevation can also reduce the strain required to get up from a completely flat position.

The second-best recovery sleeping position

While back sleeping is the most recommended option, women can also opt for a modified side sleeping position, although most doctors are less likely to endorse this method. To achieve a safe side sleeping position, patients will need to use a pillow under the breasts to minimize the risk of placing pressure on the implants or the incision. Still, patients should sleep with a surgical bra to ensure that the incisions aren’t disturbed for best results.

Planning for recovery

The most important factor women undergoing breast implant surgery must prioritize taking proper precautions during the recovery period to aid in healing. Following the doctor’s recommendations, attending any post-recovery appointments, and taking any prescribed medications as directed are intelligent steps to speed recovery. Additionally, enlisting the help of friends or family in the early days to take over any labor-intensive tasks, including cooking and cleaning, can make the recovery period less stressful. Women considering breast augmentation surgery should speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon to determine options and understand the entire process.

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