Understanding Breast Implant Profiles: Is Low, Moderate Or High Best For You?

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Understanding Breast Implant Profiles: Is Low, Moderate Or High Best For You?

What Makes A Successful Breast Implant?

Breast augmentation has quickly become one of the more popular cosmetic procedures available today. The procedure helps women looking for more confidence, better fitting clothes, and more symmetrical breasts. When most women think about breast implants, the desire is an increase in cup size. However, the size of the implant is one of many factors that goes into a successful procedure. The type of implant, size, and surgical location is just as important. An overlooked element, however, is the breast implant profile. For a successful procedure, one can argue that profile is just as important as size.

Choose your profile

The breast implant profile determines how far the implant protrudes from the chest when viewed from the side. Implant size is determined by the shape and volume of the implant, measured in cubic centimeters (CC). Profiles determine the overall shape of the final results. In other words, a large implant does not necessarily mean the patient will get a dramatic projection. The cosmetic surgeon will present low-, moderate-, or high-profile implants for the patient to consider. For the best results, patients are advised to choose the best profile in relation to the volume of the implant.

Low, moderate, or high?

Implant profiles come in 3 main categories: low, moderate, or high. The profile is directly related to the width of the implant. Low-profile implants are the widest in diameter and provide the least projection. Large size with a low profile offers the most natural results. Most patients opt for a moderate profile. Moderate-profile implants give the right mix of volume and projection while keeping a natural appearance. High-profiles provide dramatic results and the most projection from the chest. Since these have the smallest diameter, patients will notice a more rounded shape, especially above the nipple.

And everything in between

Breast implant manufacturers understand that these 3 options may not work for all needs and body types. There are some added options surgeons can offer, like moderate-plus, very high, and ultra-high profiles. Moderate-plus, for instance, provides just a bit more projection while maintaining a diameter that does not fall into the high-profile range. Ultra-high profiles give much more projection and fullness. As a result, the breast will have a more augmented than natural look. The surgeon will provide different visual aids to give patients a general sense of how these profiles will look once completed.

Which one is best for you?

Choosing the right profile comes down to body anatomy and overall goals. For instance, a woman with a broader chest looking for a subtle, natural look will benefit from low- or moderate-profile implants. Those with a medium-sized frame will look at moderate or moderate-plus implants. Petite women with smaller breast widths often gravitate to high-profiles. These provide a much rounder look without adding significant width due to the small diameter. Patients are encouraged to have a detailed conversation with the surgeon to explain and choose the desired look.

Profile matters

Profile options are difficult to understand for many patients. The belief is that the size of the implant is all that matters. However, a large implant can bring unsatisfactory results if the profile is not quite right. Some women want subtle results, while others want a more dramatic look. Patient anatomy and desires majorly affect choosing low, moderate, or high profiles.

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