Upsizing & Downsizing: Why You May Want A Second Surgery After Breast Implants

john park plastic surgery Upsizing _ Downsizing Why You May Want A Second Surgery After Breast Implants

Upsizing & Downsizing: Why You May Want A Second Surgery After Breast Implants

Is It Time For Breast Revision Surgery?

Every year, women return to plastic surgeons for breast augmentation revision. Revision surgery does not necessarily mean something is wrong with the first procedure. In most cases, patients are interested in upsizing or downsizing the size of the breasts. A second surgery replaces the current implants with new ones. Here are some reasons why a patient will opt for breast implant revision.

Getting bigger

Some women love the results of the first implants and want a larger size breast. An upsize removes the current implant to one with a larger profile. If the patient wants a size upgrade, a larger implant in cubic centimeters (cc) may be used. The surgeon often enters through the same incision and switch the implants.

Why get bigger implants?

Upgrade requests are common and sometimes happen a few months after the initial surgery. Surgeons often recommend the patients wait at least 12 months before revisions. Here are the reasons why women request implants.

  • The patient should have gone larger the first time.
  • The patient lost breast size due to breastfeeding or pregnancy.
  • A request for a different style or type of implant, like silicone or saline.
  • An upgrade after a 10-year period.

Upsizing surgery is often shorter, less painful with faster recovery. The procedure is dependent on if the patient chooses a moderate size upgrade.

Taking things down a notch

Can patients request a breast implant downgrade? Downgrades are possible and quite common. Revisions like downgrades require highly-skilled, board-certified surgeons. The surgeon must navigate the results of the first surgery while providing a natural look with the downgrade. There can also be some sagging based on the size of the previous implant, which may also require a breast lift. Downgrades may also need further surgical work to move scar tissue which can change the time and cost.

Why would a patient downsize?

Downsizing is not an easy decision, but the change may be necessary to improve the quality of life. Here are some common reasons why women would choose a downgrade.

  • Some women have had implants for several years and want a new, smaller aesthetic.
  • The breasts are now sagging, or the implants have shifted.
  • A condition called capsular contracture makes the current implants painful.
  • Pregnancy or changes in weight changed the size of the breast.
  • The patient had a change of heart and now wants smaller implants.

The surgeon will likely perform the surgery through the same incision. To match the chest width, the patient will need the same implant width with a reduced profile.

The next steps

Whether a patient wants to upsize or downsize the breasts, the next steps are the same. First, schedule a consultation with the plastic surgeon. Discuss any challenges, costs, and outline why a size change is important. A board-certified plastic surgeon can perform an extensive review, then advise on the best course of action. Both surgeries are possible, but the complexity varies depending on the first surgical method.

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