What to Expect after Breast Augmentation

What to Expect after Breast Augmentation | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

What to Expect after Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation procedure can permanently enhance breast shape and profile. At John Park MD Plastic Surgery, breast augmentation procedures often include breast implants, and some patients choose to complement the procedure with a breast lift. Breast implants can add volume to the breasts, while a breast lift addresses loose skin to create a naturally perky, taut look.

It is often recommended that women are finished having biological children and breastfeeding before considering breast augmentation. This helps to maintain the results for life. If you’re ready to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. John Park for breast augmentation, it’s worthwhile to understand what you can expect after the procedure:

1. Special garments help keep you comfortable and enhance results. After breast augmentation, most patients wear a special type of chest garment (similar to a sturdy bra) to help with healing, protection, and to ensure optimal results. You can easily wear your regular clothes over this garment.

2. You’ll see progress with every follow-up appointment. For those who opt for breast implants, you will likely notice the increased volume immediately after surgery—and even with the special garment. However, follow-up appointments are when you really notice the stunning differences.

3. The incision scars are expertly hidden. Depending on your body and goals, there are a few different types of incisions that might be best for you. However, no matter which type of incision is used, you’ll be amazed at how easily they are hidden in the crease of the breast (and maybe even in the armpit).

4. Your clothes will fit better. Beautiful breasts mean that every outfit looks even better. Many patients treat themselves to a few new key pieces, particularly swimsuits, after breast augmentation surgery. If you opt for breast implants, you may also notice that your style will evolve after surgery.

5. You’ll have more confidence. Most patients opt for breast augmentation surgery because they think it will help with confidence—and they’re right. More self-confidence positively affects every part of your life.

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