Why Fat Grafting Breast Augmentation Is Less Desirable Than Implants

john park plastic surgery Why Fat Grafting Breast Augmentation Is Less Desirable Than Implants

Why Fat Grafting Breast Augmentation Is Less Desirable Than Implants

Options In Breast Augmentation

Today, more men and women accept cosmetic procedures as a way to enhance the body. Among women, breast augmentation is the go-to solution for those looking to improve the size and fullness of the breast. Breast augmentation is in high demand and continually advancing in technology and techniques. Today, the procedure now offers fat grafting along with breast implants.

Using breast implant material

Breast implants have already been in use for decades. Since then, the procedure has been developed and is now more customizable. Plastic surgeons use saline or silicone encased material in front or behind the chest muscle. Today, women can now choose the shape, size, type, and even the profile of the implants. Implants are generally considered safe and need about 4 weeks for a full recovery. Breast implants continue to evolve for a safer, more natural feel.

The introduction of fat grafting

Fat grafting is a new option for breast augmentation and involves 2 procedures. First, through liposuction, fat is harvested from areas like the thighs and stomach. The surgeon then injects the fat into the breasts. This technique enhances not only the breasts but slims other parts of the body. Fat grafting is growing in popularity since the method uses natural materials. There will also be fewer scars and lower downtime since the surgeon injects the extracted fat.

Is fat grafting is less desirable than implants?

Fat grafting uses natural material and has minimal scarring. There are also fewer chances of rippling and the added benefit of body contouring. However, some limitations make fat grafting less desirable. The size of the breast is limited to the amount of available fat. That means women looking for a bigger size or larger profile will be disappointed. Another concern is that most fat cells would not survive due to a lack of blood supply. The dead cells can become cysts, making breast cancer detection difficult in the future. Studies show that the cysts can also become painful and need removal in the future.

The benefits of choosing breast implants

One of the most significant benefits of breast implants is that the procedure is reversible. If the woman decides to remove or upgrade the implants, the surgeon can do so with a simple procedure. Over time, the breast will return to the pre-implantation size. Removing fat from the breast will be more complex and invasive, especially if these become cysts. Silicone or saline implants are also significantly cheaper than the liposuction and augmentation process. Best of all, the surgeon can provide the patient with a design of the desired size and look that will be closer to expectations.

Choose the best for you

Fat grafting and breast implants both have advantages and disadvantages. Women looking for a natural approach and considering other body changes may lean on fat grafting. Implants are great for women looking for a fuller chest, predictable results, and safer procedures. However, fat grafting can have more long-term disadvantages, making the method less desirable. Regardless of the technique, augmentations must be handled by a board-certified, experienced plastic surgeon. Speak with the surgeon who will recommend the best available procedure.

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