Wrong Size, Shape Or Placement: Surgical Options For Breast Implant Exchange

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Wrong Size, Shape Or Placement: Surgical Options For Breast Implant Exchange

Are Your Implants Too Big?

Breast augmentation has some of the highest satisfaction rates of any plastic surgery. About 98% of women are satisfied with the size, shape, and profile of the breast. Over time, however, the patient’s wants can change. What was once a dream augmentation may seem way too big later. Having a change of heart is common among patients. Some surgeons actually recommend discussing implant changes every 10 years. There are both aesthetic and medical reasons to go down a size, and with breast implant exchange, the process is easier.

Do you have aesthetic reasons?

Most women decide on breast implant exchange for aesthetic reasons. The surgery was successful and the patient was satisfied for years. However, tastes and preferences can change. Some women discuss reducing the size to suit a lifestyle. Others want a different shape or material. Age can also change breast tissue, causing sagging. Therefore, a reduction is best. Changes in weight, pregnancy, and breastfeeding can also cause fat deposits in the breast, increasing the size even more. When this happens, the large implant size is no longer necessary.

There are medical reasons too

Some women are pleased with the implant size, but medical changes can warrant implant exchange. A common reason is breast ptosis. The nipple and breast sag and move out of position due to gravity and weight gain. Implant ruptures are also a reason to change the implants. Physical injury or aging implants cause ruptures and correction surgery is necessary. A final, common reason is capsular contracture. The breast creates a capsule of scar tissue around the implant. Sometimes, this capsule hardens or changes shape, causing unwanted pain and side effects. Reducing the size of the implants is the best solution.

What are my options?

If there is a medical issue, like a rupture or capsular contracture, the surgeon will recommend removing the implant and tissue. For purely cosmetic reasons, exchange surgery is an option. With breast implant exchange surgery, the surgeon uses the same incision from the last procedure to minimize the scarring. The implant and capsule are removed and replaced with a smaller size or different shape implant. Some women can also benefit from a breast lift that will move the breast and nipple into a more favorable position.

Sometimes less is better

Breast augmentation preferences can change over time. This is a natural part of having implants. Whether for cosmetic reasons or medical reasons, breast implant exchange surgery can help. Women do not have to live with the implants if a change is necessary. The first step is to speak with a plastic surgeon about any challenges and desires to reduce the breast size. From there, the right plan and procedure will help women look and feel fantastic again.

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