3 Reasons Abdominoplasty Might Be for You

3 Reasons Abdominoplasty Is for You | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

3 Reasons Abdominoplasty Might Be for You

Abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, tightens and firms the tummy and is a specialty at John Park MD Plastic Surgery. A tummy tuck can increase confidence, help give clothes a better fit, and make your silhouette even more stunning.

Many patients choose to combine liposuction with an abdominoplasty because there is only so much diet and exercise can do. A tummy tuck is a personalized procedure that allows for contouring and body shaping to achieve a client’s goals.

If you’ve been thinking about a tummy tuck, here are a few reasons now might be the perfect time for a consultation:

1. It’s the ideal complement to a healthy lifestyle. You’ve achieved fantastic results by going to the gym and following a healthy diet. Abdominoplasty can take your health and beauty goals to the next level. A decrease in collagen and elastin is a natural part of aging gracefully, and when this results in skin that could benefit from a little tightening, a tummy tuck provides the most effective results.

2. You’ve lost a significant amount of weight and deserve to reward yourself. Big weight fluctuations, whether from having incredible success with diet and exercise or having undergone weight-loss surgery, can mean the tummy is ready to take tautness to the next level. An abdominoplasty is an ideal reward if you’ve experienced weight loss and are prepared to make the most of your new, incredible body.

3. You’re a mom deserving of the ultimate mother’s day gift. The miracle of childbirth is beautiful, and being post-partum means your body has undergone a fantastic journey. This type of rapid tummy changes can make you the perfect candidate for a tummy tuck. Moms should be certain they are finished having biological children before considering a tummy tuck to sustain permanent results.

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An abdominoplasty promises immediate, lifelong results. A flat tummy, smooth and taut skin, and a boost in self-esteem are just a few benefits of a tummy tuck. Schedule a complimentary consultation for your tummy tuck at John Park MD Plastic Surgery today.

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