4 Lifestyle Habits That Are Causing Premature Aging: When To Consider A Mini-Facelift

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4 Lifestyle Habits That Are Causing Premature Aging: When To Consider A Mini-Facelift

Bad Habits And Premature Aging

Getting older is inevitable. The reality is that genetics and the body’s natural decline in factors like collagen production will eventually lead to visible signs of aging. While the pioneering efforts of plastic surgery innovations can slow Father Time’s effect on the human body, sometimes reevaluating lifestyle habits can be equally helpful. People should focus on cutting out these lifestyle habits to slow the signs of aging before considering a mini-facelift.

1. Put out that butt

For the majority of people alive today, being told that smoking is a bad habit isn’t exactly groundbreaking. Smoking has been linked with an increased risk of respiratory and cardiovascular problems for some time. If a person has dreams of a youthful, radiant, and plump complexion, cutting out tobacco is the way to go. Along with negative internal changes, smoking can also accelerate aging. Sagging skin, more fine lines, deep wrinkles, age spots, and even a sallow complexion are all key changes caused by regular tobacco use.

2. Not getting enough sleep

Sleep does more than help a person function the next day. During rest periods, the body leverages inactivity to engage in reparative activities. Put bluntly, critical processes such as cell regeneration occur when the body is at rest, and poor sleep can accelerate the aging process. A person that doesn’t get enough sleep may look older or have more weathered skin. A recent study noted that individuals who routinely achieved poor sleep quality were more likely to experience transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and dark under-eye circles. Ultimately, regularly failing to get enough sleep can be linked with a compromised natural skin barrier.

3. Poor diet

Like tobacco use, most people are aware of the well-defined link between diet and general health. However, what individuals choose to eat can also influence appearance. Routinely prioritizing junk foods filled with empty calories, sugar, or refined carbohydrates have all been proven to lead to premature aging. Conversely, focusing on a balanced diet rich in healthy foods and produce in particular can aid in staving off signs of aging.

4. Bad skincare habits

How an individual treats the skin is just as important as what a person consumes. Poor skincare routines can lead to premature aging. Common culprits include sleeping in makeup, not changing bedding like pillows regularly, and failing to use products that are pH balanced for the skin. Aging can manifest as enlarged pores, a higher incidence of breakouts, dull skin, hyperpigmentation, and premature wrinkles. Avoid this fate by investing in a good skincare routine, always removing makeup before bed, and skipping caustic products that irritate and strip the skin.

Take control with surgery

Plastic surgery is an option for individuals who want to stay youthful for longer. A mini facelift specifically targets the lower half of the face to correct sagging skin found around the neck and jawline. While still major surgery, the procedure requires fewer incisions which can lead to a slightly faster recovery than traditional facelifts. Setting up a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon is the best way to learn more about the benefits of this procedure.

Improve appearance your way

Getting older is inevitable. But human behavior has just as much of a role in aging as genetics. Modifying certain lifestyle factors can have a positive impact on appearance. However, for people looking for a more noticeable upgrade, a mini-facelift may be best.

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