5 Questions To Ask Your Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon During Initial Consultation

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5 Questions To Ask Your Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon During Initial Consultation

Excited About Cosmetic Surgery?

Plastic surgery shows no signs of slowing down. With content creation, video meetings, and self-image at an all-time high, people are eager to make enhancements or find anti-aging solutions. Facelifts, neck lifts, and breast augmentation are some of the most requested procedures. Before going under the knife, surgeons require an initial consultation. Consultations are short meetings where patients can get important questions answered.

Why initial consultations matter

In an initial consultation, the patient can meet with the doctor and ask as many questions as possible. Surgeons will explain the process and see if the patient is a candidate for surgery. The surgeon must ensure the patient has realistic expectations and is physically and mentally healthy. Consultations can be exciting, and patients may forget to ask critical questions about the surgery and recovery. Make sure to ask the surgeon these 5 questions.

1. Am I a good candidate?

Cosmetic surgeries are often invasive procedures requiring incisions and substantial recovery time. For instance, a breast augmentation may require up to 6 weeks of recuperation. Everyone is not capable of undergoing surgery. The consultation helps to determine if the potential patient is a good candidate. The ideal patient is physically and mentally healthy with no chronic conditions. The candidate should also not be pregnant, prone to scarring or keloids, or undergoing skin treatments. The surgeon will outline the essential criteria and may request basic testing before scheduling the procedure.

2. What are the risks and benefits?

Some surgeries are minimally invasive, using small incisions to deliver fantastic results. These have shorter downtimes and fewer chances of complications. At the same time, no procedure is without risk. Common side effects include swelling, bruising, infections, bleeding, or damage specific to the surgery. Although complications are uncommon, the surgeon should outline possible emergencies and the standard operating procedures to deal with each.

3. Are you board-certified?

Patients feel confident when the surgeon has vast experience and has gone the extra mile to become board-certified. Board certification means the surgeon is fully licensed and capable of performing the requested procedure. The certification is typically visible in the surgeon’s office

4. What should I expect during recovery?

Recovery will vary based on the type of surgery. On average, 4-6 weeks of recovery time is required. The surgeon will provide detailed information after surgery on wound care. Patients should expect some swelling and bruising within the first 2 weeks, which can be managed with pain medication. A good diet, rest, and pain management can help the patient get back to regular activity.

5. How often do you perform this surgery?

Don’t feel uncomfortable asking this critical question. Cosmetic surgeries appear standard, but muscle, tissue, and bone structure vary from patient to patient. A surgeon who has performed the surgery multiple times will know how to navigate these differences. Some surgeons even develop special techniques, so patients get the best possible results. Before and after photos of past patients can be requested and should help drive the point home.

Your next steps

The consultation is an excellent opportunity to determine if a cosmetic procedure is feasible. These are just some of the many questions to ask the surgeon. Make sure to observe the surroundings, staff, and resources. The attention to detail on display can indicate the level of care in the operating room. These 5 questions can help patients have a smooth, enjoyable experience.

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