A Well-Defined Jawline: Do You Need A Facelift, Neck Lift Or Both?

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A Well-Defined Jawline: Do You Need A Facelift, Neck Lift Or Both?

A Movie-Star Jawline

Some of the more famous celebrities have something in common. Most have a well-defined jawline that accentuates other appealing features. Everyone wants a tight, strong jawline, as this part of the face exudes youth and beauty. However, those sharp angles can fade away due to the effects of aging, genetics, and weight changes. Achieving a tighter, more defined jaw is possible with a facelift or neck lift. A plastic surgeon can recommend the best procedure to achieve a movie-star jawline.

How to improve the jawline

The chin and jaw are spaces where fat accumulates over time. Additionally, fat in the neck can give the appearance of a double chin. Weight loss and exercise can shift weight and improve the contour of the face. However, there will still be sagging skin. For a tighter lower face, a surgeon may first recommend fillers. These injections can add volume or reduce facial expressions. However, a facelift or neck lift are the best options for an exceptional long-term change.

The power of facelifts

Facelifts dramatically improve the face by tightening skin and tissue. The procedure targets deep wrinkles, folds, and sagging skin that can form over time. A facelift procedure starts with incisions made along the hairline and ear. The skin is lifted, and the underlying features are adjusted. The surgeon will then remove excess skin and discreetly close the incisions.

Location matters

Surgeons can now perform an upper, mid, or lower facelift to target specific areas. For example, the jaw will benefit from a lower facelift, which targets the area below the cheeks, jaw, mouth, and chin. Lower facelifts can even address sagging skin in the area, sometimes called turkey neck.

The neck lift solution

The facelift can remove excess skin and fat from the lower face. However, there may be some remaining skin and fat in the neck area. In this case, a neck lift is the best option to address issues under the jaw. This procedure targets the double chin, platysma muscles, and even more sagging from excess skin accumulation. Neck lifts, like the lower facelifts, require incisions around the sideburns, near the ear to the back of the neck. The surgeon will redistribute fat and tighten the skin and muscles for a sculpted look. In some cases, additional work is necessary under the chin. Finally, the excess skin is removed, and the incisions are closed.

Are 2 better than 1?

Sometimes the surgeon will incorporate a facelift and neck lift for the best outcome. The facelift targets the excess skin around the cheeks, chin, and jawline. The neck lift targets the skin, fat, and muscle under the chin and around the neckline. A smooth neckline can flow into a well-defined chin, creating that fantastic movie-star jawline. There may be some additional downtime. However, the results are undeniable. Working with the surgeon to sculpt the perfect jaw can make both procedures an exciting endeavor.

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