How to Achieve the Best Tummy Tuck Results

Achieve the Best Tummy Tuck Results | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

How to Achieve the Best Tummy Tuck Results

Tummy tucks are popular procedures among women. While it can be exciting to have a flat new tummy, one thing you may not be quite as excited about is the scar it will, unfortunately, leave behind. Tummy tucks often result in scarring, however, a qualified plastic surgeon will do their very best to minimize the scarring and place them in insignificant areas like below the bikini line.

By communicating with your surgeon ahead of time, you’ll be able to discuss your goals and get a better idea of what to expect. Follow these tips for the best results with your tummy tuck.

Have Reasonable Expectations About Your Tummy Tuck

Your surgeon’s goal is to help you achieve a tummy that is natural and proportionate to your body shape. Yes, there is scarring involved and viewing before and after pictures of actual patients, your surgeon has done tummy tucks on will help you visualize what to expect. Remember that over time, scars diminish and fade.

Discuss the Possibility of a Low Scar Tummy Tuck

Scarring is a major concern for most women. The good news is that many surgeons will perform the surgery with scarring in mind. They will create the scar in an area of the body where it will not be seen. Therefore, if you have a favorite bikini that you like to wear, let your surgeon know so he or she can hide the scar underneath and make it less noticeable to others.

Ask About Special Suturing Tummy Tuck Techniques

You don’t have to live with an unsightly scar. Plastic surgeons have extensive knowledge of the science of scarring, and can use this knowledge in your favor. They can use special sutures that provide a tension-free closure. This makes the scar flat and narrow, so it can fade away quickly and leave you with the tummy you have been dreaming about.

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