Aging vs Looking Old: How Healthy, Active People Use Facelifts To Retain Their Youth

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Aging vs Looking Old: How Healthy, Active People Use Facelifts To Retain Their Youth

Are Aging And Looking Old Still On Speaking Terms?

Today, more and more people are focused on health and wellness. People are more active and beginning new careers in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Staying healthy and strong helps with performance and enjoying life. However, one look in the mirror could be a stark reminder that wrinkles, deep lines, and sagging skin did not get the memo. Now, active people are turning to cosmetic procedures like facelifts. Over 5.5 million cosmetic procedures happened in 2020, with facelifts at the top of the list.

What are facelifts?

A facelift, medically termed rhytidectomy, improves the signs of aging in the lower face and neck. This is done by repositioning and removing skin, fat, and tissue. Each facelift surgery is unique to the person’s face and goals. There are also different facelifts, including mini-facelifts, deep plane facelifts, jaw rejuvenation, and much more. The surgeon makes incisions near the ear and along the hairline. The skin is lifted, then tissue and skin are repositioned. The surgeon removes excess skin before reattaching the skin near the hairline to hide scars. Facelifts are surgical procedures that require general anesthesia and a few weeks of recovery time.

How do facelifts turn back the clock?

What can facelifts do that skincare products or injectable fillers cannot? First, the procedure is excellent for reducing advanced signs of aging. Common examples are deep folds around the nose and mouth, sagging skin, and loose skin around the neck. Patients with drooping skin near the cheeks and jaw can also benefit from facelifts. The procedure smooths out deep wrinkles, removes the excess sagging skin, and refreshes the face. On average, patients can look up to 12 years younger.

Can a facelift work for you?

Facelifts are great for those who are healthy and have no medical condition that may affect the healing process. Surgeons also expect patients to have a positive yet realistic expectation from the process. Facelifts are standard among people age 50 and above who are great candidates. However, in recent years, this procedure has also become popular among younger patients. Today, 1 in 3 procedures are done on patients under 50. These patients have more profound results that last longer, with faster recovery times.

Extending your youth

Although a facelift can give impressive results, natural and environmental aging still occurs. Good skincare habits help extend the results of a facelift and preserve a youthful appearance. Doctors will recommend people apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen, stay hydrated, and follow a balanced diet. Exercising regularly also helps maintain strong muscles and reduces loose skin. Finally, adding dermatologist-recommended skincare products can help facelift patients look younger.

Can you look as young as you feel?

After recovery, a facelift can give patients younger-looking skin instantly. Active people can now see on the outside what’s happening on the inside. However, prolonging the results and retaining a youthful appearance requires healthy habits. A consultation with a cosmetic surgeon will help those looking for age-reversing solutions find the right facelift option.

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