Are Facelifts And Neck Lifts The Same? How Similar Cosmetic Surgeries Target Different Issues

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Are Facelifts And Neck Lifts The Same? How Similar Cosmetic Surgeries Target Different Issues

Cosmetic Surgery Trends

From correcting proportions to shifting fat deposits, plastic surgery helps millions of Americans both look and feel better. Due to the rise of plastic surgery in pop culture, similar surgeries are often conflated. Specifically, the facelift and the neck lift. However, each surgery serves different purposes. Facelifts focus on issues of the mid-face, while neck lifts correct sagging of the skin below the chin.

The facelift

By securing skin that will droop with age, plastic surgeons minimize the harshest impacts of age. Using general anesthesia, the surgeon pulls back loose skin and connective tissue via incisions by the hairline and earlobes. Once complete, extra skin is removed and the incisions are closed. For a facelift procedure, swelling peaks within a few days of surgery. To limit downtime and boost healing, keep skin free from liquid personal care products and cosmetics for 2-3 weeks. Within 2-4 weeks, most people can expect to be fully healed and bruise-free.

The neck lift

A neck lift procedure works by smoothing skin under the neck and along the jawline specifically. Surgeons make a cut below each ear, similar to an incision made during facelifts. During a neck lift, extra skin is removed through the incision made behind the ear. Alternatively, some surgeons cut beneath the jawline, allowing access to the platysma muscle to pull the skin tight while avoiding any unneeded or excessive skin removal. During the surgery, doctors can tighten the platysma muscle without negatively impacting the surrounding area. After the procedure, people can look forward to returning to usual daily life within 7-14 days.

Are there risks?

During any type of surgery, patiens undergo a certain amount of risk. The same is true with neck and facelifts, but proper aftercare can help minimize the risk of complications. The overall length of recovery depends on how the body tolerates surgery and the level of postoperative care, such as proper rest and anti-inflammatory medication. Factors that increase the likelihood of a smooth recovery process include restricting tobacco use, maintaining a healthy diet, and practicing regular exercise.

Choosing the right surgery for you

When asking if facelifts and neck lifts are the same, the answer is no. Facelifts combat the effects of aging in the mid-face, while neck lifts focus on correcting skin elasticity under the chin. However, mapping out visual goals before deciding on a type of surgery helps ensure visual goals are achieved. Each person is unique, but working with plastic surgeons ahead of surgery can help determine the best anti-aging plan of action.

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