Are You Too Young For Cosmetic Surgery? The Weekend Facelift Could Be The Answer

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Are You Too Young For Cosmetic Surgery? The Weekend Facelift Could Be The Answer

Am I Ready For A Facelift?

A rhytidectomy can help with the gradual changes that are associated with age. Across the country, facelift procedures are incredibly popular, with demand rising year by year. Commonly appearing in the top 5 cosmetic procedures in the US, American surgeons performed well over 200,000 facelifts in 2020 alone. Facelift procedures restore a youthful appearance by manipulating loose skin. Doctors work with patients to determine the best type of facelift for the individual. Each procedure is tailored to the patient, with many selecting the less invasive weekend facelift. Choosing the right facelift hinges on age, family health history, and visual goals.

Age is just a number

While many patients pursue facelift procedures to correct aging, some seek out facelifts proactively to minimize aging. By securing skin that will droop with age, plastic surgeons can help patients minimize the harshest impacts of age. Under general anesthesia, the surgeon pulls back loose skin and connective tissue via small incisions by the earlobes. Once complete, extra skin is removed and the incisions are closed.

Health history can save your life

No matter the procedure, success depends on the background of the patient. Individuals prone to blood clots are at an increased risk of bleeding and tobacco users. To minimize the risk associated with surgery, many doctors suggest limiting tobacco in the weeks before surgery. If left unmanaged, smoking notably increases the risk of poor wound healing, hematomas, and skin loss after a facelift.

Eyes on the prize

To ensure satisfaction, doctors must work with the patient to develop realistic goals. Determining problem areas such as sagging jowls, deep frown lines or prominent nasolabial folds can help the surgeon address specific concerns. Key healthcare experts recommend aligning patient expectations and clinical timelines. Most patients can expect to recover and be bruise-free within 3 weeks.

When can I get started?

With several hundred thousand facelifts performed every year in America, more patients are becoming comfortable with cosmetic surgery. To prevent future aging, younger patients seek out mini-facelifts to lift skin with the potential to wrinkle deeply. Although plastic surgery is available to all patients over the age of 18, physicians note the most benefits in patients with clear goals for aging skin. Moreover, the success of plastic surgery largely relies on a patient’s health history. Ensuring a patient is not prone to specific health issues helps a practitioner provide comprehensive, long-lasting treatment. Facelifts help countless patients match a youthful spirit with an equally young face. While rest and the correct type of treatment are essential, cosmetic procedures can drastically improve everyday life.

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