Tips For Athletes Considering Breast Augmentation

Athletes Considering Breast Augmentation | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

Tips For Athletes Considering Breast Augmentation

Any female athlete considering breast implants wants to know how changing the size and shape of her breasts can impact her exercise routine. A common concern for active women regardless of the procedure is how long they will have to refrain from exercising following breast implant surgery.

For all women, no matter who they are, world-class athletes or not, the benefits are both aesthetic and psychological. Breast augmentations can help make women feel more self-confident, sexier and more feminine. Clothes will fit better; look better, and even a less than perfect sex life may improve.

Considerations Before Breast Augmentation

Women who workout still want to look feminine and a breast augmentation may be the way to achieve the desired look. There are a variety of options, to achieve different results. Breasts DO NOT all look the same. A breast augmentation is a procedure that is unique to you, and so are the results. You can decide to choose a more augmented look, which has a lot of fullness at the top, or you can opt for a natural look and choose something with more fullness at the bottom.

It’s best to work with a board-certified plastic surgeon when making this important decision. The athlete’s choice regarding the size and the placement of the implant will matter greatly, and that must be thoroughly discussed with the surgeon. It is always a major consideration as to whether to place the implant above or below the pectoral muscle.

Because many athletic women getting breast augmentation have little existing breast tissue, having implants above the muscle will make them look and feel less natural. However, placing them behind the muscle (submuscular placement) isn’t necessarily the best option either. The right choice for you depends on your body and your goals. An experienced surgeon can help you find the right path.

When considering breast surgery, women need to talk about their fitness routines with their surgeons. While a more feminine figure might be the ultimate goal, the unique concerns of athletic women affect surgical decisions, such as incision locations and implant placement.

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