Hitting the Beach after Breast Augmentation: What You Should Know

Hitting the Beach after Breast Augmentation | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

Hitting the Beach after Breast Augmentation: What You Should Know

You’re so excited and you just can’t hide it. You finally have the fabulous, curvaceous body you’ve always wanted and now you want to show it off in that teeny tiny bikini. It is summer after all. But before you head off to the beach after undergoing breast augmentation at John Park MD Plastic Surgery, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Protect Incisions from Sun Exposure

Whether you’ve had plastic surgery or not, you obviously need to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but it’s important to remember that incisions take an extra beating from the sun. Scar tissue does not have the same makeup as regular, healthy skin. It’s even more sensitive to the sun, and even the slightest UV exposure can cause the scars to darken.

For at least the first year, you should make sure you always lather SPF 30 sunscreen on your breast augmentation scars, providing Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. John Park has given you the okay to start using topical creams. Also, find a bikini top that covers the incisional sites or a cute cover-up. Wide-brimmed hats can help to deflect the rays from your fuller and rounder chest as well, and they are super cute.

Dip Your Toes Not Your Body

We know you’re anxious to get back into a normal routine and that includes swimming at the beach, but you need to allow time for your skin tissue to heal fully. This is because immediately following breast surgery, the skin surrounding your incisions isn’t necessarily water resistant. That’s why Dr. Park gives you explicit directions for bathing and showering post-op. If you rush into the water, you run the risk of developing an infection. It typically takes three to six weeks for your incisions to heal enough for a little water fun.

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