Benefits of a Facelift from an Outsider’s Perspective

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Benefits of a Facelift from an Outsider’s Perspective

Numerous studies connect plastic surgery, like a facelift, to improved self-esteem. At John Park MD Plastic Surgery, we’re proud to customize facelifts in Newport Beach to help patients achieve their goals. Looking and feeling more attractive naturally leads to more success in other aspects of your life. However, a recent study took a look at how other people perceive those who undergo cosmetic surgery, and the results are positively surprising. The full study was published in JAMA and revealed that those who opt for a facelift and other complementary plastic surgeries are seen as healthier and more successful—and, of course, more attractive.

According to the researchers, plastic surgery “conveys an even larger societal benefit than merely restoring a youthful appearance to the face.” It was the most extensive study of its kind to analyze the effects of plastic surgery on the face to “observers.” The researchers surveyed 504 people, including 333 women, 165 men, and six non-binary people or those with an unspecified gender. These participants looked at before and after photos of patients who had undergone facial cosmetic surgery to rate how successful the patients seemed to be, how healthy they were, and how attractive they were. The observers were also asked to guess the age of the patient.

By the Numbers: Facelift Results

The photos in the study included 12 white female patients who were randomly chosen from a database that documents plastic surgery before and after photos. All of the 12 women had undergone a facelift. The observers were either given a before or an after photo of the 12 patients, but not both. The women in the after photos received higher ratings in every component, including health, success, and attractiveness. The observers also rated the women in the after photos as being younger.

It’s already well-known that being more attractive gives you a lot of advantages, from having more success in personal relationships and dating to being more likely to get a job offer or promotion. The perks don’t end there. Studies have also shown that a good-looking person can influence judicial decisions in their favor. For example, one study showed that jurors were more likely to issue non-guilty verdicts when the defendant was attractive. Other studies show elections favor those who are attractive, with good-looking candidates often receiving more votes.

What a Facelift Study Tells Us

When a person looks good, they feel good, and that translates to being more confident and less introverted. They tend to stand taller and seem happier, both internally and to external observers. When someone appears more confident, they influence those around them—to put it simply, if you think you’re a catch, other people will, too. One researcher noted, “Nothing is more influential to human attractiveness than heightened self-esteem translated through a person’s ethos.”

The desire to look more attractive will still be the primary reason most people consider a facelift. However, if asked to dig a little deeper, patients are likely aware of the snowball effect. What are the benefits of looking more attractive? You’ll get more positive attention, an immediate confidence boost, enhanced self-love, and you’ll probably be treated better overall by everyone around you. All of these psychological benefits are built into the desire to look our best, which means we already knew what these researchers found in their study.

How a Facelift Works

It’s not by luck that each of the 12 women randomly selected to be featured in the study had a facelift. It’s a very popular procedure because it addresses some of the thinnest, most delicate skin. During a facelift, the lower half of the face and the neck are lifted and smoothed to create a younger, more vibrant appearance. Incisions are small and hidden in the natural crevices of the ears and hairline. A facelift makes a person immediately look years younger, more attractive, healthier—and, as it turns out, more successful.

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