Benefits of a Facelift

Benefits of a Facelift | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

Benefits of a Facelift

Our face is our first impression, and a facelift can restore youthfulness so you can look and feel your best. John Park MD Plastic Surgery specializes in facelifts in Newport Beach and works closely with patients to achieve fantastic, natural-looking results. The face is a part of the body that’s regularly exposed to UV rays. It’s also very expressive, which can lead to early signs of aging. However, a facelift can instantly and effectively turn back the clock, rejuvenating your face while restoring your confidence at the same time.

Many patients are pleasantly surprised to learn that a facelift actually combines two procedures in one—a lifting of the lower face and tightening the skin of the neck. Facelifts address laxity in the lower half of the face and neck, which are often two parts of the body to lose collagen and elastin with age. Facelifts can help a person look up to a decade younger.

Why Looking Younger is a Perk

Looking your best is naturally tied to feeling your best, but did you know there are actually additional proven, statistical benefits to looking younger? In many industries and jobs, gone are the days when “older and wiser” had the advantage. Depending on your career, you might benefit from having a more youthful appearance. Today’s jobs put an emphasis on youth because there’s the idea that youthfulness is tied to innovation and industry. This is particularly true in high-tech fields, the world of PR, or any job where image is key.

Looking younger can be particularly helpful in your romantic life. If you’re dating, then looking youthful is often considered a benefit. However, a facelift does much more than erase years off your face. It also rejuvenates your skin, helping you to look healthier and more vibrant. Facelifts enhance your aesthetics while simultaneously increasing your confidence—and that’s the most attractive quality of all.

When you look your best, you feel your best, and that’s going to carry over into every part of your life. You might find that your relationships are better, you feel better on a daily basis, and you might even find that your career starts to blossom.

How Does a Facelift Work?

As we get older, the underlying facial structures become not quite as strong. Skin elasticity naturally starts to decline as we produce less collagen. This combination leads to less support of the skin. A facelift immediately tightens and corrects the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) to erase the years. Results are instant, although some very minor swelling may be present for a couple of days after surgery. Incisions from a facelift are tiny and easily hidden in the hairline and natural creases of the ear.

A facelift also does more than repair loose skin. It improves the overall facial contours for a smooth appearance. Overall skin rejuvenation occurs as well, and unlike temporary, yet still useful, solutions like facials, a facelift promises results that last for several years.

The exact technique used for your facelift will depend on your skin and your goals. It starts with a complimentary consultation where you will have all your questions answered and learn more about how a facelift can improve your aesthetic feel and your life. Selecting the right surgeon for a facelift in Newport Beach is key to a great experience and results you’ll love. Check reviews and testimonials and take a look at online galleries of before-and-after photos. This is the first step on your positively life-changing journey.

The First Step Toward Your Facelift

You deserve a surgeon who specializes in Newport Beach facelifts, is properly certified and accredited, and has excellent training and certification. Be sure you don’t overlook gut instinct either. During a consultation, you’ll be able to see if it feels like the right fit for you. This appointment, which should always be complimentary, also gives you the opportunity to see the office. A warm, welcoming environment and staff is a must when considering any plastic surgery.

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