Boosting Your Confidence With Cosmetic Enhancements: Is It Time For A Weekend Facelift?

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Boosting Your Confidence With Cosmetic Enhancements: Is It Time For A Weekend Facelift?

What Is A Weekend Facelift?

This mini facelift is also called the weekend facelift because of the quick recovery time. This surgery is usually less invasive and less expensive than a traditional facelift. The weekend facelift focuses on the lower half of the face, essentially the jawline and chin. The surgery reduces the appearance of sagging skin and wrinkles in the cheeks and jaw area.

What happens during a weekend facelift?

During the procedure, the patient is put under local or general anesthesia. Next, doctors make small incisions along the patient’s hairline. Then, the surgeon will pull back the muscles, tissues, and skin of the face to create a youthful and refreshed appearance. Doctors remove excess skin and tissues while closing the incisions with stitches. Surgeons may also perform an eye lift or neck lift to tighten the skin during the procedure.

Why would someone get a facelift?

The main reason why someone gets a facelift is to improve appearance. Once people enter the 30s, the skin starts losing elasticity and volume. The body produces less collagen to tighten the skin and fat deposits shrink, enlarge, or move, affecting the volume of the face. This leads to fine lines, wrinkles, folds, and sagging skin.

Weekend facelifts are suitable for people that don’t have a lot of sagging skin. These facelifts are great for patients that are just starting to develop signs of aging. Remember that poor diets, lack of exercise, stress and excessive sun exposure can prematurely age the skin.

What is the recovery process for a weekend facelift?

Most weekend facelifts take a few hours to perform and patients are discharged the same day. Patients will notice pain, swelling, and possibly bruising that will subside after a few weeks. Doctors may prescribe medication for the pain. Patients will have dressings covering the face and these dressings will need to be changed periodically.

Should I talk to my doctor about a weekend facelift?

Patients interested in learning more about a weekend facelift should speak with a plastic surgeon. A plastic surgeon will further explain the differences between a weekend facelift and a traditional facelift. Lifestyle, health and activity level all play a role in the outcome of any procedure and a consultation should be able to provide realistic expectations of the surgery results.

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