The Brazilian Butt Lift – A “Growing” Trend

The Brazilian Butt Lift – A “Growing” Trend | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

The Brazilian Butt Lift – A “Growing” Trend

Within the past decade, the desire to have a round and plump backside have become somewhat of the norm. The number of women racing to their closest plastic surgeon only continues to rise, putting the Brazilian butt lift not far behind breast augmentation as the most popular cosmetic surgery elected. There are many reasons why the Brazilian butt lift is a growing trend, and John Park MD Plastic Surgery is here to break it down.

Celebrities Bring Attention To Their Shapely Behinds

You can’t log on to Instagram or Snapchat and not see one of the Kardashians baring their backside. It would almost be weird if that didn’t happen. Over the past several years, celebrities have brought an extreme amount of attention to the status of the derriere. Death by squats is becoming a real reality. Go to the gym, what do you see? Women are doing squat after squat – all trying to achieve that J Lo or Kimye booty.

You Get 2 Procedures in 1

One of the biggest benefits of having a Brazilian butt lift is the fact it is essentially a two-in-one procedure. Women who undergo a Brazilian butt lift also benefit from liposuction. You get to take fat from one part of your body where you don’t want it and put it where you do want it, your buttocks. So, with a Brazilian butt lift, you not only get a curvier backside, you also get a more streamlined silhouette. That’s a win-win for us.

More Body Diversity is Becoming Accepted

Years ago, during Twiggy’s runway days, women desired that thin, no curves appearance. Now, women of all shapes and sizes are being glorified and accepted as beautiful. They are owning their curves and even adding to them. Curvy is officially in, only making the Brazilian butt lift even more popular. Not everyone is born with a big, round bottom, but now, thanks to the Brazilian butt lift, anyone can have one.

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