It’s A Date!  See Your Plastic Surgeon In 10 Years…Without Fail

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It’s A Date!  See Your Plastic Surgeon In 10 Years…Without Fail

There are some extremely viable reasons for making an appointment with your plastic surgeon 10 years out from your breast augmentation surgery. It is a very wise decision to keep your surgeon in the loop as to how you are doing. Here are some reasons why:

Breast Implant Quality/Safety Check

You should check on the quality/safety of the implants. The implants indeed should last more than 10 years, however keeping a watchful eye on them is always a good idea. You will have certain warranties on the implants, such as coverage for ruptures, seroma formation and capsular contracture. Usually these are for up to a 10 year period, so finding any of these before the warranty expires would be advantageous and save you a large amount of money.

Time Changes Things

Quite a bit can happen in a 10-year time frame. Has your body been through any trauma? Have you had children in the past 10 Years? Weight changes can affect implants, as well as aging skin. Perhaps you want to look different from you did 10 years ago. There are many reasons why the passing of time can affect how you feel about what was done 10 years prior.

New Improvements in Breast Implants

New innovations are constantly improving breast implants. Simply because you already have implants doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least be aware of the benefits of new innovations. As an example, silicone implants have vastly improved over the years and have become the “go to” choice for implants.

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