Benefits of Breast Implants Beyond the Physical

Benefits of Breast Implants Beyond the Physical | Dr. John Park

Benefits of Breast Implants Beyond the Physical

Breast augmentation, or the enhancement of the breasts via the placement of breast implants, has been the most popular plastic surgery for women for many years. It is also one of the most requested procedures at John Park MD Plastic Surgery. The physical benefits of breast implants are pretty obvious—for many women, they have wanted larger, more symmetrical, and/or shapelier breasts for many years. Today’s breast implants offer a rich variety of choices so that patients and surgeons can customize the size, shape, texture, and placement of the breast implants for optimal results.

Breast implants can help a woman achieve a more feminine physique. Many times, breast augmentation lets women wear styles and outfits they previously were not comfortable wearing. As you can imagine, this new confidence can go a long way in improving a patient’s emotional and mental attitudes, too! Breast augmentation is a means of improving self-confidence, body image, and sexual satisfaction.

Breast Augmentation for a Better Life

Our self-esteem and self-confidence are inherently tied to our sense of self-worth and, in turn, the quality of our lives. When we are confident with ourselves, it positively affects other facets of our lives. Women’s breasts are so innately connected to their sense of femininity and sexuality that it plays a big role in not only how others perceive them but how women perceive themselves. Breast augmentation has the potential to dramatically improve many aspects of a patient’s life well beyond the physical.

Breast implants are designed to last a lifetime, but can also be changed throughout the years as a patient’s aesthetic preferences shift. On average, most women keep implants for 10 – 15 years before opting for a change. This might be a shift to a different shape (for example, round to teardrop) or a change to a different placement. Breast implants can be placed either above or below the pectoral muscles, and there are benefits to each placement. Women who are quite slender often prefer placement below the chest muscles for a more natural appearance. Those who have lost weight since their initial implant placement might opt to change the placement to below the pectoral muscles.

There are many reasons a woman might desire a change to their implants after a decade or so, and in the vast majority of cases the same incision sites can be used to eliminate the need for new incision. Of course, those with saline breast implants can very easily change the size of their implants without necessarily needing new implants. Saline implants are filled (or reduced in size) after placement in the chest. For those who want to change the size of silicone implants, new implants will be required.

Embracing Your Femininity

Ask anyone what the number-one marker of “femininity” is, and there’s a good chance they’ll say breasts. Breasts are the clearest, most obvious marker of a feminine body, but the size and shape of each woman’s breasts are largely dictated by genetics (weight also plays a role). Breast augmentation gives patients control over their looks, body, and ultimately their femininity.

Some women are concerned about the ability to breast feed in the future after implants—but this shouldn’t be a worry. In the vast majority of cases, women can breast feed just fine with breast implants. The key is to only work with a reputable, board-certified plastic surgeon to ensure optimal safety and surgical outcomes. There is no need to wait until after you’ve finished having biological children or breast feeding to opt for breast augmentation surgery.

Preparing for Breast Augmentation

The first step is a complimentary consultation where you will learn about all of your options when it comes to breast augmentation, and there are a few! This procedure is wholly individualized for each patient. Sometimes liposuction is also performed during the procedure to reduce “bra bulge,” if that is a concern, and sometimes a breast lift may also be recommended. A breast lift in and of itself does not include implants, but rather trims excess chest tissue in order to provide a youthful, perky appearance. You will find out more about your unique recommendations during a consultation.

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