Breast Augmentation Placement – Over Or Under The Muscle?

Breast Augmentation Placement Over / Under Muscle | Talk with Dr. John Park

Breast Augmentation Placement – Over Or Under The Muscle?

Implant location is the big question.  There are of course multitude opinions among plastic surgeons, but most commonly, the answer will be to do the breast augmentation by placing the implants under the muscle. You must remember, having said that, that there are some advantages and disadvantages to both techniques.

Breast Augmentation Under The Muscle

Placing the implant under the muscle increases the padding over the implant giving it more coverage and camouflaging the shape of the implant itself. Additionally, rippling has become a very rare issue.

This “muscle” we are referring to is known as the pectoralis major. This area lies over the rib cage and underneath the breast. When silicone implants were traditionally used in breast augmentations, they were most often placed under the breast gland but on top of the muscle. When saline implants became more popular, it became clear that women who were thinner or had less breast tissue might experience a rippling effect in the skin that laid over the implant. Because of this, there has been a major shift in practices to now place implants in the space beneath the pectoralis major muscle.

Breast Augmentation Over The Muscle

There are of course some instances, mainly the shape of the breasts, that would be suited to have the implants placed over the muscle. Typically, women whose breasts were much larger at one time would need this technique. When there is a substantial decrease in the volume, and there is little to no shrinkage in the size of the pocket surrounding the breast tissue, the shape could look like that of an empty bag. Under these conditions, the surgeon may feel it is a better choice to place the implants sub-glandular (over the muscle) to allow for the implant to fill out the breast pocket.

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The only way for you to know the best way to place your implants during your breast augmentation surgery is to consult with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. John Park is a Newport Beach double board-certified surgeon and has the answers to all of your questions. Dr. Park will come up with a viable breast augmentation plan for you. Call Dr. Park at (949) 777-6883 to set up your personal consultation.

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