Breast Implants Enhance More than Size

Breast Implants Enhance More than Size | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

Breast Implants Enhance More than Size

Many women consider breast implants a means to increase the size of the chest, but that’s just one of many elements addressed by breast augmentation surgery. At John Park MD Plastic Surgery, every breast augmentation is customized to the goals of the patient. A lot of women attend their initial consultation with the goal of using breast implants to achieve a larger size. However, Dr. Park often finds that patients are also interested in changing the shape and profile of their breasts as well.

Breast augmentation, or the enhancement of breasts via breast implants, offers one of the most personalized approaches to cosmetic surgery. You can certainly choose the size, which is measured in cc’s. Having photographs of women whose chest you admire is a great way to help your surgeon understand your goals. You may also have a particular bra size in mind, and your surgeon can estimate how many cc’s will be necessary to achieve your desired result.

But what about other facets of the breasts? Breast augmentation can do much more than you may think!

Beautiful Breasts with Implants

Everyone’s breasts naturally “migrate” in time, and this can happen quicker with weight fluctuations and/or pregnancy. Breast implants can shift the placement of your breasts for a perkier, more youthful profile. This can be determined by the physical placement of the implants. Breasts that sit higher up on the chest naturally look more youthful and can help women feel more confident in their outfits and swimsuits.

The shape of the implant itself is another factor. There are teardrop-shaped implants that mimic a natural breast’s appearance. These shapes are desirable by women who want a more subtle or discreet result. There are also more orb-shaped implants for a more dramatic effect. You can also choose between placing the implants above or below the chest muscles, with both placements achieving a subtly different organic appearance. Breast implants below the chest muscles, especially on slender women, can lead to very natural-looking results. It does require a little longer recovery time, but for those who want a subtle look this is well worth it.

Determining Incisions for Your Breast Implants

No matter what type of breast implants you choose, a top priority is minimizing and hiding scarring. Today’s breast implant techniques allow for minimal scarring and incisions can often be naturally hidden in breast creases. The exact incision plan for you will be determined by your current breasts and the type and size of the implants. Incisions may be possible in the crease of the breast or even in the armpit.

Choosing between silicone vs. saline implants will also play a role in your breast augmentation surgery. Saline implants are inserted at a pre-determined site. Saline implants are made out of a silicone shell that is inserted empty. It is filled with saline after placement and this approach can often offer minimized incision size. Both silicone and saline implants have been shown to be safe and effective choices.

Combining Breast Surgeries

Many women who simply want to enhance their breasts are great candidates for strictly breast augmentation. However, for those who have certain amounts of skin laxity, a combination of a breast lift and breast augmentation may be necessary. A breast lift removes excess skin to offer a perkier, more youthful appearance. Whether or not you would benefit from a breast lift as well as breast implants depends on your skin laxity and the size of implants you choose. A lot of the time having some skin laxity is actually beneficial because it provides enough room for breast implant placement.

Breast augmentation improves aesthetics and confidence. In fact, it has been shown to be one of the best surgeries to boost self-esteem. Right now is also a perfect time to opt for body cosmetic surgery. In the era of social distancing, no traveling, and Zoom meetings, you have the time necessary to take it easy during your recovery period without anyone knowing that you’ve treated yourself to a cosmetic surgery. Such a timeframe will probably not happen again soon, so take advantage of it. Call John Park MD Plastic Surgery today at (949) 777-6883 to schedule your breast augmentation consultation.

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