Where And How Are Breast Implants Inserted?

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Where And How Are Breast Implants Inserted?

Most commonly, breast implants patients are first and foremost focused on breast implant size. While that is important, it is only one of the many decisions your ill be making before having a breast implant procedure. The choice of implant incision location is a personal and important decision that will be decided and discussed with your plastic surgeon in your preoperative appointment.

The point of insertion is the place that is incised, or cut, allowing the surgeon to position the implant inside your body. It is the location where you will have a small scar after the surgery. In most cases, the scar is barely noticeable, but in any event, you should know and have input as to where your implants will be inserted.

Choices For Insertion

• Axillary- through the armpit
• Infraareolar- on the bottom half of the nipple areola complex
• Inframammary- in the crease of the inframammary fold
• Tuba- through the belly button.

The two insertion points used most frequently are the Axillary and Infraareolar. These are the preferred methods for a straight breast augmentation (with no lift) With the infraareolar technique; the incision is located at the bottom edge of the areola-nipple complex. This scar will fade over time and be barely noticeable. The insertion through the armpit is another popular incision point. You and your surgeon will discuss the options, as patients should always participate in the decision-making process.

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