Can You Get Rid Of A Double Chin? Achieve A Gram-Worthy Jawline With A Facelift

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Can You Get Rid Of A Double Chin? Achieve A Gram-Worthy Jawline With A Facelift

Double Chin, Double Problem

Some celebrities are known for having a defined, chiseled jawline. Every picture seems gram-worthy, and many seek to emulate that look. However, people with fat deposits around the chin area, called a double chin or submental fat, need help to achieve this appearance. Double chins are harmless and not a sign of poor health. However, excess fat in that area can affect self-esteem. There are some ways to treat this problem, such as exercise or dermal fillers, but none are as effective as a facelift.

What causes a double chin?

When someone gains weight, the fat can deposit in several areas of the body. The submental area, located under the chin, is no exception. Sudden fluctuations in weight can also cause the skin to expand and contract, losing elasticity. In other words, there may not be fat there, merely loose skin. A double chin can also happen with age as the body’s collagen and elastin production decline. There is also a genetic component, as some people are more likely to develop double chins.

Achieving a gram-worthy jawline

Excess fat near the chin area can feel disturbing when someone looks in the mirror. However, there are some ways to restore a smooth, defined jawline. For instance, weight loss and exercise will eliminate fat while toning muscles. Over time, excess fat will leave the submental area. Dermal fillers can add volume but not remove loose skin. There are also exercises specific to the jawline to tone those muscles. Some studies even show that simple chewing gum can strengthen the jawline. However, these methods take a long time to work. A facelift can provide fantastic results for people looking for a quicker fix.

Benefits of facelifts

Rhytidectomies, or facelifts, are surgical procedures that target the mid to lower face, including the jawline. The goal is to remove excess skin, tighten the jawline, and eliminate wrinkles. A facelift is the best way to address a double chin, removing excess skin and repositioning fat in the submental area. The procedure lasts 10 or more years and provides near-immediate results after recovery. Mini-facelifts also give a gentle yet effective change to the features, with smaller incisions and shorter recovery.

What to expect during the procedure

Facelifts are recommended for patients in good health. People from age 45-65 receive the best results for facelifts. However, mini-facelifts are now appealing to younger patients. The patient should have excess skin or clear submental fat that will not respond to exercise alone. The patient is put under general anesthesia, and the surgeon makes incisions along the hairline to the ear on both sides. The skin is gently lifted, and the mid and lower face tissue is repositioned. Next, the skin is pulled, tightened, and any excess is removed via incisions. The surgeon then re-attaches the skin within the hairline and sideburns. Facelifts require 4-6 weeks of downtime for recovery. After the swelling and healing resolve, patients will see excellent results.

Achieve influencer status with a facelift

Non-surgical methods take several months or years to work but can offer subtle improvements. On the other hand, a facelift instantly creates a smoother, fresher appearance with a more defined chin and jawline. Once recovered, patients will look better than ever and feel confident posting photos online.

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