Celebrities with Body Contouring Procedures

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Celebrities with Body Contouring Procedures

From liposuction to tummy tucks, some of your favorite celebrities have readily admitted to body contouring procedures to achieve that red carpet look. At John Park MD Plastic Surgery, you can also achieve your best self with safe, permanent procedures designed for you to sculpt your body to complement those gym sessions and healthy diet. Chrissy Teigen has always been forthcoming about her beauty treatments, including liposuction—but instead of choosing popular areas like the tummy and thighs, Teigen opted for permanent fat removal in her armpits. She says lipo in the unorthodox area added two inches of length to her arms. It can also help women bid farewell to “bra bulge” for good and feel confident in sleeveless outfits.

Celebrity Endorsements

Cardi B has also been open about getting liposuction, which she opted for immediately before getting back to performing post-partum. A tummy tuck is another popular part of a “mommy makeover,” which can include liposuction coupled with surgically tightening skin after pregnancy and childbirth. Beloved Real Housewife Nene Leaks has had both liposuction and breast augmentation surgery, saying that she wants to look like a “better version” of the beautiful black woman she is.

Sharon Osbourne is no stranger to cosmetic surgery, opening up in 2016 about getting a tummy tuck, lipo, a facelift, and breast augmentation surgery—all of which are in-demand procedures at John Park MD Plastic Surgery. These are just a few of the celebrities that have been vocal about their body contouring procedures. Since everyone is born with one of a kind fat distribution and number of fat cells, there’s no such thing as spot reducing through diet and exercise alone. Contouring and sculpting the body requires highly skilled cosmetic surgery.

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