Choosing The Correct Breast Augmentation For You

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Choosing The Correct Breast Augmentation For You

There are breast surgery choices – breast lift, breast implants or breast reduction. These are the basic three options a woman is given when it comes to reshaping her breasts through cosmetic surgery. Many women are born with an ideal breast shape and size, but many others are not, and it is for them that cosmetic breast surgery has come into existence.

When it comes to restructuring breast contour, three surgeries are  available – breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery involves making the breast size larger and done with implants. The goal is to achieve a pleasing profile that is in line with the patient’s size and proportion.
Different women all have different reasons for desiring breast augmentation. It is a personal decision made by the patient with advice from her doctor.

Breast Lift

Women who are experiencing sagging breasts fundamentally choose a breast lift. The sagging affects older women or women who have had children. This procedure involves removing excess skin, relocating the nipple and reshaping the breast profile. Many times, this procedure is done in conjunction with placement of breast implants.

Breast Reduction

Many times the breasts are out of proportion to the rest of a woman’s body. If they are large, they can cause neck, shoulder and back pain due to their excessive weight. A breast reduction procedure involves removing excess breast tissue and aging skin. The overall silhouette of the woman will be in more proportion and stretched skin will be gone.

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