Closing The Gap On Cleavage

Closing The Gap On Cleavage | Dr. John Park MD Plastic Surgery

Closing The Gap On Cleavage

One of the biggest concerns women have concerning breast augmentation is whether or not, after the surgery, they will be left with a giant cleavage gap between their implants. They’ve seen it before on other women, and they don’t want it for themselves, pure and simple.

So, how can we be sure that after our breast augmentation, we won’t walk away with the Grand Canyon between our boobs? Well, first of all, find the very best plastic surgeon you can. That should be a no-brainer, because it is that single most important factor that will ultimately decide your breast augmentation outcome. Find a reputable, board certified plastic surgeon with credentials and mega fans. Ask to see many pictures of his/her breast augmentations that you can look at and have a good, solid open relationship.

After you select the surgeon, then you have questions. And he/she should be all about answering every single one.

So, what about the cleavage gap question that most women undergoing breast augmentation have?

Each woman has a unique natural spacing between her breasts, which also corresponds to where the pectoralis muscles attach to the breastbone. Some women have a flatter ribcage, while others might have more projection, or less projection with an inverted sternum (pectus excavatum), or asymmetry. Anatomy is hard to completely change, and it has a significant impact on the final results of surgery. If you start out with a sizeable gap, you will more than likely end up with more of the same.

In breast augmentation, the implant width should generally match the patient’s base width diameter (the natural width of the chest where the implant will be covering). Implants that are too narrow or too projected can exaggerate the appearance of wide cleavage.

Clearly, there’s a lot to be considered prior to your breast augmentation. Dr. John Park of Newport Beach is a double board certified plastic surgeon with years of experience and a stellar reputation. Contact Dr. Park for a complimentary consultation regarding your breast augmentation. You will be confident you have made the right choice. Call (949) 777- 6883 for your personal appointment.

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