Does Stress Make You Age? Why Facelifts Help You Feel & Look Younger

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Does Stress Make You Age? Why Facelifts Help You Feel & Look Younger

Do You Feel Like You’ve Aged Overnight?

When life becomes overloaded, skin shows the years in wrinkles and the effects of prolonged tension. Change is a natural, inevitable part of life, but undue stress can cause notably premature signs of age. One study notes that prolonged levels of stress impact critical areas of the human cell, leading to an increased risk for certain major diseases while adding years to the immune system. From improving self-confidence to practicing a sport, many experts tout the relationship between a long life and low stress. In the case of anti-aging, countless patients turn to cosmetic procedures to restore a youthful appearance to the face. For many people, a facelift can boost self-esteem and lower stress levels.

How does a facelift help?

Every year, approximately131,000 facelift procedures are performed in the US alone. Known as the gold standard of long-lasting anti-aging procedures, demand for facelifts continues to increase by the year. As more Americans receive plastic surgery, facelifts have become an accessible way to ease the visual impact of stress. By investing in a facelift to remove excess skin from the face and neck and smoothing deep wrinkles, patients can enjoy a newfound sense of self-confidence and energy.

What about makeup?

After coming out of surgery, many patients seek to maximize visual benefits with makeup. With over 90% of facelifts in the US performed on women, many patients wonder if makeup is necessary to achieve a youthful appearance after recovering from a facelift. Makeup can help make the facelift look even better, but cosmetics aren’t required. After fully healing from the procedure, patients can often nix the makeup routine while looking younger than ever.

How long does it take to heal?

A long recovery process is a common misconception about facelift procedures. In past years, the healing process was much longer but medical technology has shortened the process to approximately 2-3 weeks for results that frequently last over 10 years. By manipulating facial tissue, doctors remove deep wrinkles and stubborn skin sagging.

Aftercare is essential

Facelifts are commonplace in the modern era; however, the length of recovery relies on patient behavior and level of post-op care. During the first 2-3 days after surgery, swelling and bruising peaks. Waiting for several days after the procedure before applying any form of liquid or powder makeup to impacted skin is often recommended to minimize disruption and maximize healing.

No stress, no problem

While stress causes premature aging, countless patients can restore a youthful appearance with cosmetic surgery. A facelift combats the aging process by replacing volume to the cheeks and jawline while removing loose skin. With proper care and time, a facelift process can ease the signs of stress-related aging, providing a new lease on life.

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