Important FAQs You Should Know About The Brazilian Butt Lift

Important FAQs About Brazilian Butt Lift | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

Important FAQs You Should Know About The Brazilian Butt Lift

If you are considering a Brazilian Butt Lift, you are not alone. Indeed, it has become the “year of the rear,” and its popularity doesn’t appear to be waning. In fact, 2018 is appearing to more than likely be the biggest year yet for the Brazilian Butt Lift.

Perhaps you want to join the Brazilian Butt Bandwagon. If so, let’s help you get some facts about The Brazilian Butt Lift so that you will feel comfortable moving forward.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is an outpatient procedure. The duration of this surgery ranges from 90 minutes to 4 hours. This span is usually dependent on a few factors such as the areas which have to be subjected to liposuction, the amount of available fat that has to be extracted and the patient’s expected results from the surgery.

• Most patients will take 5-7 days off from work to recover from a buttock augmentation (Brazilian Butt Lift) Some patients find it beneficial to modify their sitting with the use of pillows and cushions for the first week or two after surgery.

• The best candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift is someone who is in good overall health but who also has adequate areas of fat on their body to donate. This excess fat is needed to ensure there is enough fat available to create the lovely, round butt you are striving for. Patients who are very thin are not good candidates for fat transfer to the buttock, and they may be told to gain some weight before having the procedure.

• It is possible to perform other procedures such as a tummy tuck or breast augmentation at the same time as a Brazilian Butt Lift to further enhance your overall look.

These are just some of the questions people need answers to before their surgery. Of course, there are more, and many of those should be asked of the surgeon who will be doing your Brazilian Butt Lift. Nothing replaces sitting down with a board certified, experienced plastic surgeon and discuss one on one, your concerns and questions. For your complimentary private consultation, contact Dr. John Park at (949) 777-6883.

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