Get The Best Abdominoplasty Results Possible With These Tips

Get The Best Abdominoplasty Results Possible With These Tips | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

Get The Best Abdominoplasty Results Possible With These Tips

The stomach can be a constant struggle and uphill battle to tighten and tone. Pregnancy, weight loss, and age alone can affect your contours and cause you to seek out abdominoplasty at John Park MD Plastic Surgery. If you’ve tried dieting and exercise to no avail, a tummy tuck may be the solution you need to tighten and trim your waistline. Use these tips to get the best abdominoplasty results possible.

Be At Or Close To Your Final Weight

Abdominoplasty should never be looked at as a way to lose weight. Sure, it may tip the scale a little in your favor, but it is designed to put the finishing touches on your midsection after you have already put in the work and lost the weight. By waiting to have your tummy tuck until you are at a stable and healthy weight, you will be able to enjoy your results without having them be compromised. Any significant weight gain or loss following your procedure can alter your results.

Add Liposuction To Your Abdominoplasty

A tummy tuck can give you that smooth and flat abdominal contour by removing excess skin, but it won’t address any stubborn pockets of fat that might be marring your appearance. To rid yourself of extra fat in your midsection, you should combine liposuction with your abdominoplasty. Lipo will even out your torso and help to provide enhanced and dramatic results.

Follow Dr. John Park’s Post-Op Directions

The best way to truly achieve excellent results from your tummy tuck procedure is to follow Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. John Park’s post-op directions. This will help you to avoid any possible adverse reactions and it will ensure that your body heals as it should. He will advise you on necessary pain medication as well as any compression garments you should wear to help facilitate your healing period. By listening to Dr. Park, you will have a smooth and successful recovery that will yield great tummy tuck results.

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