Goodbye Push-Up Bra, Hello Breast Lift

Goodbye Push-Up Bra, Hello Breast Lift | Dr. John Park MD Plastic Surgery

Goodbye Push-Up Bra, Hello Breast Lift

In your teens, 20s and even 30s, you may have never even thought about a breast lift. But now that you’re in your 40s and breastfed three kids, you may notice that your chest is going a bit downhill, so to speak. Without a bra for support, you may find your sagging breasts almost hanging down to your knees.

Lingerie companies offer push-up bras to help lift up breasts, but they offer only temporary relief. After all, who wants to wear a bra 24/7? But don’t despair – there’s a solution to make your breasts perky again. It’s time to start thinking about that breast lift.

Why Choose a Breast Lift Over Augmentation?

When your breasts start deflating, your first thought is to put some air in them, so to speak. That’s what implants do, so you may be thinking about a breast augmentation. However, implants won’t address the underlying cause of the sagging.

The sagging occurs because your skin is losing elasticity. By adding an implant, you’re making the breast heavier, and at the same time, the sagging will still occur.

What Does a Breast Lift Do?

A breast lift tailors the skin to yield both aesthetics and symmetry. Too many plastic surgeons, it is considered an art. The nipple and areola can be reconfigured so that women can find a look that suits them best.

A breast lift consists of numerous incisions, however, which can deter many women. However, medical advances had led to such revolutionary scar treatments that in many cases, the scars are barely visible. After the one-week recovery period, many women feel a renewed sense of youth and vigor, making the scarring well worth it.

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Pregnancy, nursing, old age and gravitational pulls can all cause once-perky breasts to sag. If you’re looking to regain youthful breasts, Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. John Park can determine if a breast lift is right for you. Contact Dr. Park at (949) 777-6883 for a free consultation.

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