Having A Cosmetic Procedure For An Upcoming Event: How Much Time Should You Allow?

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Having A Cosmetic Procedure For An Upcoming Event: How Much Time Should You Allow?

Shortening The Road to Recovery

In 2020, US-based surgeons performed 15.6 million cosmetic surgeries and 6.8 reconstructive procedures. Plastic surgery helps countless Americans look and feel better, from correcting proportions to shifting fat deposits. Many procedures have achieved routine status in the United States thanks to today’s medical advances. As a result, some people get cosmetic surgery before an upcoming event. However, how much time does recovery take? The length of the recovery time depends largely on the procedure. Facelifts and breast augmentations, two of the most common procedures, require a month of recovery at a minimum.

Breast augmentation

A successful cosmetic procedure hinges on consistent care and quick intervention in cases of complications. When getting breast implants ahead of an event, round implants over the muscle heal quickly while providing volume. Since pectoral muscles remain intact, over-the-muscle implants heal faster, often with lower pain levels. Over-the-muscle placements work most effectively for women seeking a fast recovery with natural-looking results. On average, patients recover fully within 6-8 weeks.

The facelift

During a facelift, surgeons pull the skin of the face and neck back using small incisions by the ears. Known as the gold standard of anti-aging, many people seek a facelift ahead of big events. A mini facelift can provide natural results in less time than a complete facelift for people on a tight schedule. After reconstructing skin and connective tissue, extra skin is removed, and incisions are closed. Since fewer incisions are needed, patients generally recover from mini facelifts in half the time of a traditional facelift.

Taking care of yourself

No matter the amount of plastic surgery performed each year, the success of each procedure depends on proper aftercare. The length of recovery depends on how the body tolerates surgery and the level of postoperative care, such as adequate rest and anti-inflammatory medication. Factors that increase the likelihood of a smooth recovery include restricting tobacco use, maintaining a healthy diet, and practicing regular exercise in the case of a facelift, swelling peaks within a few days of surgery. To limit downtime and boost healing, keep skin free from personal care products and cosmetics for 2-3 weeks. However, breast implants take a bit longer to heal. If planning a breast augmentation before an event, give the body 4-8 weeks for recovery.

Looking your best

Although recovery depends on the individual and specific procedure, it’s recommended to set aside at least a month to recover from common cosmetic surgeries. In the cases of facelifts, inflammation goes down within a few days, and bruising typically fades 2-3 weeks post-op. Breast augmentations require a month at a minimum, with 8 weeks necessary in some instances. Regardless of the procedure, recovering from a cosmetic surgery before an event takes proper care and time.

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