How Long do Breast Implants Last? Probably Longer Than You Think!

How Long do Breast Implants Last? | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

How Long do Breast Implants Last? Probably Longer Than You Think!

Most women change their breast implants every 8 – 10 years on average, whether it’s modifying the size, shape, texture, type, or location. However, that doesn’t mean breast implants only last a decade—the reality is that most breast implants can last much longer. At John Park MD Plastic Surgery, we are committed to making your breast augmentation journey as transparent and enjoyable as possible, and that begins with making sure patients get the correct information during their complimentary consultation and onward.

The reality is that most breast implants “last” about 20 years on average, but a lot of patients shift their aesthetic preferences and even lifestyle every decade. There are so many choices when it comes to personalizing your breast implants that it’s certainly reasonable to think you might like a change in a few years. The great news is that in many cases, a skilled surgeon can utilize the same incision points as your previous breast augmentation if and when you do decide to make a change. There will still be a recovery period, of course, but there will be no “new” incision marks or scars in these cases.

Understanding How Breast Implants Work

Breast implants are not meant to be “lifelong” in most cases, but it’s impossible to say exactly how long breast implants will last. This is because every patient is different and lifestyles vary drastically. There are also differences in implant types (saline vs. silicone) and the placement (above or below the chest muscles) can also make a difference. A very active person who spars in boxing rings on the weekend is going to have a different experience than someone who leads a mostly leisurely lifestyle. Your lifestyle is one of many factors a great surgeon will consider when you’re starting your breast implant journey.

Know that there is the right breast implant for every healthy, eligible woman. Working with a leading plastic surgeon will give you the results that you want. There are many considerations for those who want to make sure their breast implants align with their lifestyle, such as texture. Textured breast implants are relatively new and designed to “stick” in the correct place by creating an appropriate kind of scar tissue between the implant and the tissue. Textured implants are not permanent and can be changed in the future, but for some patients with very active lifestyles they provide added security.

Caring for Your Breast Implants

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends patients to get their breast implants checked every 5 – 6 years to make sure they are performing as needed. These routine checks will provide the peace of mind you deserve as you enjoy your breast implants throughout the years. It is incredibly rare for a breast implant to rupture, but an MRI is a quick and effective way to ensure all is well. This is especially important when it comes to silicone breast implants and gummy bear implants, as these types of implants will maintain their shape regardless of the shell’s integrity.

However, the vast majority of women change their implants not due to a rupture but simply to changes in tastes. For example, right now smaller and more natural-looking, teardrop-shaped breast implants are trending. Some women do still prefer the round, full volume, high-profile breast implants of years past. If you think about your own style from 10+ years ago, you can probably see why it’s so common to change implants every few years.

Your Doctor’s Skill Makes All the Difference

For the best experience, the professional performing your breast augmentation matters. You only want to work with an experienced, skilled surgeon who provides you with your full options. A before and after gallery gives you an idea of what you can expect when it comes to your breast augmentation results, and non-biased online third-party reviews can also be helpful. However, the consultation is when you can really tell if a surgeon is right for you. That’s why Dr. Parson offers complimentary consultations for all surgeries, including breast augmentation.

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