How Long Should You Wait To Have Sex After Breast Augmentation?

john park plastic surgery How Long Should You Wait To Have Sex After Breast Augmentation

How Long Should You Wait To Have Sex After Breast Augmentation?

Ready To Head Back In The Bedroom?

Breast augmentation is a great way to change the size and shape of a woman’s profile. The new volume and curves bring a boost in self-confidence. After surgery, patients are eager to get back to life, particularly sex. However, sex after breast augmentation, like any other surgery, is not possible. Although patients will be ready to head back into the bedroom, recovery must take priority.

The importance of recovery

Some patients are embarrassed to ask a question about sex before or after the procedure. Yet, this is a natural question that surgeons are happy to answer. Physical activity must be kept to a minimum during recovery, particularly in the first week after surgery. There is a possibility of rupturing stitches or moving the implant prematurely. There are some other key reasons why you need to delay surgery.

Your overall health matters

Breast augmentation has evolved to safer techniques with smaller incisions. While this means faster recovery, there will still be some downtime. The surgeon will provide an average timeframe for recovery. This timeframe will vary from patient to patient. Healthier patients who follow healthy diets tend to heal faster. However, the incisions are still prone to bleeding, clots, and infections. Once the surgeon checks the recovery progress, the patient will know if sex is possible.

Did you have multiple procedures?

Some patients have more than one procedure. For instance, breast augmentation can happen with liposuction or other cosmetic procedures. Some of these procedures may not impact overall recovery. However, there are cases where treatments will need more rest and recovery, like a tummy tuck. The surgeon will indicate how much additional recovery time is expected.

Here’s how long you should wait

On average, a healthy patient should wait between 2-3 weeks before having sex. Even then, patients should be careful. Physical activities like sex could disrupt the natural placement of the implant, which can alter the final result. Remember, this timeframe could be extended based on the procedures, technique used, and overall health.

Staying safe during recovery

For a safe recovery, follow the instructions of the surgeon. Minimize movement in the first 2 weeks, maintain a healthy diet, and get lots of sleep. After 2 weeks, some patients will feel emotionally and physically ready for sex. Schedule a visit with the surgeon to review the results. The surgeon will advise if more time is needed. Delaying satisfaction will bring even more satisfying results with breast augmentation.

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