Is There An Ideal Age For A Facelift?

Ideal Age For A Facelift | Newport Beach CA Surgeon Dr. John Park

Is There An Ideal Age For A Facelift?

Optimal age for a facelift is not a chronological consideration, but rather a genetic one. There are different components involved in the process of aging. One has a genetic factor caused by fat atrophy and/or jowling. Both play major roles in facial aging.

There is simply no “ideal” age for a face lift, but as with most elective surgeries, the timing is directly related to the degree of aging concerns a patient has and what they are willing to do to remedy those concerns. Generally speaking, it is seen that patients who have a face rejuvenation in their 40’s or 50’s get better, longstanding results than those who wait until later in life.

The surgical treatment of facial aging has to be carefully scrutinized to match each patient’s needs and desires, no matter what the age of the patient is. Normally, the results of a facelift will last between 8-10 years, and it has been found that most people who have undergone a facelift will, at the appropriate time, want another. And most patients are as pleased or even more pleased with the results of the second.

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